Media 3 Ltd. Opens Manhattan Broadcast Facility

April 13, 2007
Media 3 Ltd. has opened its new Midtown Manhattan broadcast facility and executive lounge. The new 16,000-square-foot facility has two control rooms, five studios, broadcast service panels both inside and outside, and 24 fiber tie-lines to Ascent Media's Fifth Avenue hub.

Capacity can be increased or decreased as needed in a matter of hours. The facility's four live shot studios are pre-lit and feature the Media 3 BureauCam live-shot system. The facility also houses a 20-by-30-foot production studio with three Sony HD cameras. The adjacent all-digital control room is based on Broadcast Pix 2100 switcher with four keyers, three DVEs and chromakeys, Inscriber character generator with animations, clipstore, stillstore and logo generator. DigiBeta and DVD burners are integrated for live-to-tape and tape-and-ship applications.

Outdoor live shots can be done via the facility's multiple BSPs, complete with power, transmit/receive ports and phone lines. Media 3 will also provide IFBs, PLs, lights and other ancillary equipment.

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