Studio Technologies Demonstrates Model 5190 Remote Control Unit

Users Can Access 5100-Series Modules from iPad, iPhone or Other Internet-Capable Devices

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 8, 2013 – Studio Technologies Inc., the manufacturer of tailored, high-performance video, audio and fiber-optic products for the professional audio and broadcast markets, demonstrates its new Model 5190 Remote Access Module at the 2013 NAB Show (Booth C5449). The 5190 allows for the remote control and monitoring of key functions of Studio Technologies’ popular 5100-Series of audio modules via the Internet from an iPad®, iPhone® or other Internet-capable device. The demonstration links a standard 10/100 Ethernet port via the 5190 with up to 16 5100-Series modules. Resources within the 5190, including Web-server and SNMP agent applications, provide the actual user experience.

“At NAB 2013, Studio Technologies is hosting a full demonstration of the remote control capabilities of the new 5100-Series of audio, talent-cueing, intercom, SDI embedding/de-embedding, and video generator modules centered on the new Model 5190 Remote Access Module,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “Connected via Ethernet, the 5190 provides the user with an extensive set of Web pages for monitoring and configuring key audio and related parameters for select 5100-Series modules. These include channel-specific parameters such as mic gain, phantom power on/off and channel names, as well as global settings such as saving and recalling global configuration presets. With the 5190 a wide range of devices can become control surfaces, including personal computers, tablets and smart phones. Intended as a set of building blocks for broadcast, corporate and government applications, the 5100-Series modules offer a unique set of resources to fulfill real-world needs. With the addition of the 5190, remote access to those resources is now available.”

The 5190 will allow a production team in a network master control room to adjust mic pre-amp gains and related parameters, monitor audio levels and confirm operating status for 5100-Series modules located at a geographically diverse TV sports or entertainment venue. When a production system has been deployed for a broadcast, corporate or educational project, the entire complement of equipment is often connected via fiber, including media access points in press centers, locker rooms and conference halls. The Model 5110 Mic/Line Input Module, for example, is easily integrated into these access points, providing two high-quality microphone preamps with adjustable gain, 48 volt microphone power and level metering. With the addition of the new 5190, production personnel can always have access to the 5110 modules, whether they are on-site or in a control room thousands of miles away. The 5190/5110 combination is perfect for adding high-quality audio capabilities to POV systems distributed around a sports stadium, for example.

“In a world where the expanding demand for programming is coupled with shrinking operating budgets, the broadcast industry has turned to equipment manufacturers to develop systems that are highly reliable and efficient,” continues Kapes. “The Model 5190 Remote Access Module allows for remote control of the powerful 5100-Series modules via the Internet, making it console-agnostic and location-independent. This capability opens the door to wider, cost-effective field-production possibilities for both large network broadcast facilities and smaller local operations alike.”

The 5190 Remote Access Module, along with related 5100-Series modules, including the 5110 Mic/Line Input Module, 5121 Line/IFB Output Module and 5130/5132 Intercom Interface Modules, are now available.

About Studio Technologies, Inc.

Studio Technologies, Inc. provides tailored, high-performance video, audio, and fiber-optic products for the professional audio and broadcast markets. The company was founded in 1978 with a commitment to design and manufacture dependable, individualized solutions for broadcast studio, stadium, and corporate environments. Known for “designing for the way professionals work,” the company is recognized as an industry leader that has never wavered from its individualized design pledge. Product categories include fiber-optic transport, broadcast support, mobile broadcast, intercom and IFB, announcer consoles, loudspeaker monitor control systems, and sound pressure level monitor systems. For more information, please visit the Studio Technologies Web site at or call 1-847-676-9177.

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