LYNX Technik Launches Six New Audio Embedders/De-Embedders at NAB 2013

LYNX Technik AG, provider of modular interfaces is launching a suite of new cost-effective embedders / de-embedders to its Series 5000 family at NAB 2013, booth N1120.

Each of the six new modules can function as an embedder or a de-embedder, or be configured to function as a combination of both. They are all multi-format, multi-standard and auto-detecting with support for all SDI video formats up to 3Gbit/s. Solutions are provided to support both analog and AES audio. All of the new modules use state-of-the-art FPGA technology and proprietary signal processing cores.

Audio processing features are extensive. All external audio, plus all embedded audio present on the SDI input is passed into an audio processing stage. This includes adjustable delay up to 10 seconds, gain, phase invert, mute, and selectable mono mix down functions. The processed audio is then passed into output crossbars for external audio and embedder mapping, which includes full audio shuffling and channel swap capability. DolbyE synchronizers are included in some modules to automatically maintain the critical guard band alignment without the need to decode the audio.

In addition, the video signal itself can be delayed up to 62 frames in all SDI video formats up to 3Gbit/s.

Two models offer fiber optic I/O options including 18-wavelength CWDM support. Users can choose the fiber option for fiber output only, fiber input only or fiber input and output.

The six new AES and analog audio embedders / de-embedders include:
• P DM 5240: 8-Channel AES Audio Embedder / De-Embedder
• P DM 5280: 16-Channel AES Audio Embedder / De-Embedder
• P DM 5280 O: 16-Channel AES Audio Embedder / De-Embedder with optional fiber optic I/O
• P DM 5340: 4-Channel Analog Audio Embedder / De-Embedder
• P DM 5380: 8-Channel Analog Audio Embedder / De-Embedder
• P DM 5380 O: 8-Channel Analog Audio Embedder / De-Embedder with optional fiber optic I/O

As with all Series 5000 CardModules, the new embedders / de-embedders can be controlled locally using dip switches and / or the integrated menu system and display, or by the APPolo control system™. The APPolo Control System is a user-friendly, intuitive and self-configuring control system for remote control, status monitoring and SNMP error reporting. APPolo is the heart of the LYNX centralized control system which can easily be expanded and grow with any system. From a single rack to literally hundreds of racks located in different locations, the system can be easily configured for controlling small or large Series 5000 system installations.

All six of the new embedders / de-embedders will be on display at NAB 2013 booth N1120.