LYNX Technik Launches Upgraded yellobrik SDI to HDMI Converter

LYNX Technik AG, provider of modular interfaces is launching its new SDI to HDMI converter, yellobrik model CDH 1813 at NAB 2013, booth N1120.

The CDH 1813 yellobrik replaces the extremely popular CDH 1811 SDI to HDMI converter, and offers an enhanced feature set for a host of audio/video monitoring and display applications.

A key new feature in this module is the addition of 3D format support, making this yellobrik an ideal tool for monitoring single link 3D SDI streams on a 3D HDMI monitor. This feature supports side by side, top and bottom, as well as frame packing 3D HDMI display modes.

This yellobrik offers a variety of monitoring modes providing all the familiar monitoring features of the CDH 1811 including; clean feed of the SDI video signal, burn-in windows for timecode, bit depth, and video format, metadata presence indicators, AFD format codes, and 16-channel audio level meters on the HDMI video output. The new CHD 1813 also includes H/V delay to view the horizontal and vertical blanking interval, as well as programmable safe area markers.

The CDH 1813 is also available with various fiber I/O options. Transmit the SDI signal over fiber with the fiber transmitter option, or receive an SDI fiber input and convert to electrical SDI and HDMI for display. This unit also allows you to send and receive SDI fiber signals simultaneously. The module can also be equipped with CWDM fiber for multiplexed applications with 18 wavelength selections.

In addition, the CDH 1813 is compatible with yelloGUI, LYNX Technik’s new complementary software application that permits users to access advanced settings for the yellobrik. Key settings for yellobriks are controlled via the front panel rotary switches and indicators, and the new yelloGUI provides users with a host of advanced settings and adjustments that were not possible before.

The new yellobrik CDH 1813 SDI to HDMI converter will be on display at NAB 2013 booth N1120.