Party-Line Interface Module Streamlines Setup and Workflow

CHARLOTTE, NC, March 6, 2013RF Linkup, Inc., a company providing satellite uplink services for the past 20 years for clients ranging from ABC, NBC and CBS to Fox Sports and ESPN, calls on Studio Technologies’Model 5130 Party-Line Interface Moduleas the go-to comms interface for its uplink trucks.The company uses the 5130 to interface comms through a fiber link between its uplink truck and other OB production trucks on location, yielding an easy-to-set-up, straightforward-to-use system that quickly and reliably solves comms problems in the field.

RF Linkup is a satellite communications company that handles all kinds of sporting and news events,” says Emerson Lawson, CEO, RF Linkup, Inc. “We take a production feed from an OB truck and uplink it to a satellite. From there it will be downlinked to the network, for example, or sometimes we take a feed from a reporter/cameraman setup and uplink it to a network or station. We had been using the Studio Technologies IFB system with excellent results. So when we needed a solution for our comms interface we purchased the Model 5130 and it was the perfect choice.”

The Model 5130 Party-Line Interface Module is a compact, self-contained unit for use in custom broadcast, live-performance and general party-line intercom applications including sports broadcasting booth packages, remote news gathering “fly packs,” stadium audio/video interface locations and OB, ENG and satellite uplink applications. The module provides a high-quality, 2-channel party-line-to-analog-line-level ("4-wire") audio signal interface in an easy-to-use yet technically sophisticated package. The module's basic functions include 2 channels of 2-wire-to-4-wire conversion with auto-null capability, input and output level metering, a +28-volt DC party-line power source with 2 channels of 200 ohm intercom audio termination and DC output control and status monitoring.

Users can connect party-line belt-pack module directly to the 5130. Two analog inputs and two analog outputs interface the Model 5130 with a variety of external audio transport, matrix intercom and infrastructure equipment. Module operation requires only an externally provided source of 12 volts DC. Advanced features include remote control and monitoring capability when installed with the Model 5190 Remote Access Module available from Studio Technologies.

When we are hired to provide uplink services for a live broadcast, we need our systems to work the first time and every time,” continues Lawson. “The Model 5130 makes our comms connection straightforward, reliable and easy to use. With the Studio Technologies IFB and 5130 modules, we know everything will work flawlessly.”