Wowza Media Systems 2013 NAB Show Preview

Wowza Media Systems 2013 NAB Show Preview

Wowza Media Systems

2013 NAB Show -- April 8 -- 11

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Executive Quote:

"As today's content consumers embrace the benefits of streaming media on any Internet-connected device, broadcasters are left with the challenge of supporting a multiplatform global media environment. This year at the NAB Show, we are excited to be introducing enhancements to Wowza Media Server that continue to enable greater audience reach through online video delivery. Thanks to exciting new innovations such as full compliance for the MPEG-DASH streaming standard and enhanced content security, Wowza continues to be a leader in providing forward-thinking solutions designed to address the opportunities of an ever-evolving video ecosystem. Our enhancements provide broadcasters with more efficient workflows, and increased security and compliance for expanding their audience and allowing them to experience the highest quality of video on the device of their choice." -- Dave Stubenvoll, Wowza Media Systems CEO and Cofounder

Wowza Media Systems at the 2013 NAB Show:

At the 2013 NAB Show, attendees will experience the premiere of several new additions to Wowza Media Server(R) which continue to enable reach to the largest possible audience with simplified streaming workflows. The Wowza Media Server revolutionizes media delivery with reliable, cost-effective, secure streaming across the broadest array of devices. With full support for MPEG-DASH, the software can provide the highest quality experience to viewers while reducing costs and streamlining the infrastructure for content providers. For the latest in security, Wowza offers new built-in content protection, secure key exchange with multiple DRM providers and a new StreamLock(TM) AddOn for easy, secure RTMPS. Additionally, enhanced closed captioning enables content providers to adhere to streaming standards for live events and television programs distributed over the Internet. Wowza will also introduce an innovative new Apple(R) iOS app, which allows mobile devices to encode live video instantaneously and send it to Wowza Media Server.

New From Wowza at the 2013 NAB Show:

Simpler Workflows

MPEG-DASH Integration -- Easy Delivery to Any Device

Wowza Media Server(R) further simplifies streaming workflows by offering full support for MPEG-DASH -- the new standard streaming protocol made to unify HTTP-based adaptive streaming over the Internet. This powerful new enhancement enables content producers to provide improved quality of experiences to users while driving down infrastructure costs by eliminating the need to select proprietary platforms for content delivery. As a member of the MPEG-DASH Industry Forum, Wowza(R) provides MPEG-DASH support for seamless integration into existing streaming workflows.

Enhanced Security

Wowza DRM AddOn -- Encryption for Multiple Digital Rights Management Platforms

Wowza Media Server(R) now provides secure key exchange with Verimatrix VCAS for third-party Microsoft(R) Smooth Streaming clients, Microsoft PlayReady(R) and BuyDRM. With PlayReady DRM, content is encrypted once and deliverable to both Apple(R) iOS and Silverlight(R) devices simultaneously. The AddOn also complies with adaptive bitrate streaming, which is ideal for closed-network environments such as hotels, cruise ships and trains. The flexible DRM solution also enables broadcasters to provide over-the-top premium content, cross-sell content for multidevice distribution and offers both live and VOD encryption.

MediaSecurity -- Built-In Streaming Security

With MediaSecurity incorporated directly into Wowza Media Server(R), SecureToken-like protection is now enabled for HTTP and RTSP. Wowza Media Server also ensures a more secure stream when delivering content using Apple(R) iOS, Adobe(R) and Microsoft(R) Smooth Streaming protocols.

Wowza StreamLock AddOn -- Easy High Level Protection

The Wowza(R) StreamLock(TM) AddOn enables customers to stream using RTMPS to provide the highest level of security through RTMP video transmissions. The AddOn can also be used for secure HTTP streaming.

Wider Compliance

Closed Captioning Support -- Reach More Users

Now with Consumer Electronics Association standard caption insertion for live streaming, Wowza Media Server(R) enables closed captioning for both live and on-demand streaming. This also allows broadcasters to comply with the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 via the captioning provision for television programs distributed over the Internet.

Mobile Streaming

Wowza Broadcasting App -- Portable Encoding From Handheld Devices

A new video broadcasting application for Apple(R) iOS devices will enable users to encode live video easily and send it to Wowza Media Server(R) directly from their handheld device. The App is just another way that Wowza(R) simplifies the streaming media workflow. The Wowza App will be available as a download from the Apple(R) App Store(SM).

Meet With Wowza at the 2013 NAB Show

Journalists interested in setting up a meeting with Wowza at the 2013 NAB Show, please contact Rachel Dwyer at +1 (801) 255-0595 or

Company Overview:

Wowza Media Systems, LLC ( engages hundreds of millions of viewers by delivering the highest quality streaming media to any Internet-connected device. Its core product, Wowza Media Server(R), improves productivity among thousands of organizations by simplifying the workflow of online video delivery. To date, more than 120,000 licensees across the globe have placed their trust in Wowza(R). Wowza is privately held with headquarters in Evergreen, Colo.

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