Live-Link Center of Remote, Unmanned Systems Designed by CBT

SAn Diego, February 20, 2013 – CBT Systems, a video media design, consulting and integration company, which provides services for clients ranging from the NFL Network and NHL to Disney, Paramount and Google-YouTube, to name a few, chose the Studio Technologies Live-Link Remote Camera InterfaceSystem to be the centerpiece of its unmanned, pre-positioned camera systems for live sports and event coverage. CBT Systems has installed over 50 Live-Link units in 20 venues to date. Live-Link provides CBT Systems with a robust platform to handle video, camera control, production audio, communications and IFB signals in one integrated, fiber-based system that simplifies installation and production workflow.

“It was a formidable task to be able to retrieve the production audio and video information from various events happening simultaneously around North America, for delivery to a central production location,” says Darrell Wenhardt, president, CBT Systems. “The Studio Technologies Live-Link system was a vital component of our design. Live-Link is a fiber-optically connected extension of capabilities that allows us to send and receive real-time video, audio, intercom and IFB circuits between remote sites and equipment support racks at the different venues. It is here where we coalesce all of those signals, control them and have the capability to return them to a broadcaster’s main facility. CBT Systems has deployed two camera systems in various locations within each particular venue, driven by Live-Link units. The system has worked very reliably.”

In addition to video and audio signals, the camera/Live-Link systems conceived by CBT Systems allows a camera operator located at a central production facility to send control signals to the remote robotic cameras.

“The system we designed using Live-Link allows for remote control of tilt, pan/zoom and the focusing of those fixed remote cameras,” adds Wenhardt. “In the age of tight budgets and impossible production schedules, our remote system adds extremely reliable, cost effective production enhancements to any remote, live situation. Now that we are up and running, our experience with Live-Link has been exceptional. Studio Technologies is a great company to work with.”

Designed to handle news, sports, and other day-to-day remote interfacing needs with ease, the Live-Link Remote Camera Interface System offers a comprehensive fiber-optic-connected solution for transporting digital video, audio, intercom and data between a remote camera location and a truck or control room. The point-to-point system consists of a portable Camera End Unit and either a portable or rack-ready Control Room Unit. Both use industry-standard connectors that are clearly labeled for fast, intuitive setup.