Tackle Your Workflow from Ingest to Finishing with a Free Webinar from Moviola

Let Moviola show you how to optimize your multi-platform workflow with a free live webinar.

Post-production professionals, now more than ever, are expected to know and understand how different software and NLE’s work together to accomplish the larger goal. Projects can move from Final Cut to Avid to Da Vinci and more on the road to the final mastering and output, and you need to understand how that happens to build a functional workflow. That’s why Moviola has announced a free live webinar airing on February 18th at 11:30 AM PST that will cover exactly this. Viewers of this webinar will gain an understanding of which tools do what, and in what order they should be utilized. By the end of the webinar, attendees will be walking away with the ability to plan and structure a post-production workflow that will take a team from ingest to finishing in the most efficient way possible.

Presenter Stephen Kanter is an Avid and Apple Certified editor and Master Trainer who has cut features, documentaries and television on both Avid and Final Cut systems for nearly 20 years. As a Final Cut Studio Master Trainer, he helped develop the Apple certified curriculum as a Technical Editor and contributing writer for the Apple Pro Training Series, including Final Cut Pro for Avid Editors, Advanced Editing and Finishing Techniques in Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and Soundtrack Pro.

To register for this webinar, visithttp://www.moviola.com/webinars/advanced-multi-platform-workflows/

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