Let Moviola Show You How to Manage Your Media Storage with a Free Webinar

How can you tell how to ingest, back-up and store your digital footage? With a free webinar from Moviola.

There’s no more denying it, the digital workflow is here to stay. Thanks to our breakthrough into the digital era, we as filmmakers have eliminated many of the common problems that used to plague productions. Of course, we have also created a set of entirely new challenges as well. One of the largest of these new challenges is knowing how to make the most of your digital storage while still working in an efficient manner. Moviola has announced a free live webinar airing on February 18th at 11:30 AM PST to help with exactly this issue. The webinar will detail processes taking you from shooting in the field, all the way to the archival process when your project is done. Along the way viewers will learn what types of drives work the best with which types of files, what drive speeds you will need, and even how many back-up copies make sense before you start doing redundant work. Viewers will walk away with a better understanding of how to plan their digital workflows to maximize their productivity.

Presenter Jeff Greenberg decided to leave a pre-med program to pursue a degree in film. He's the Owner of JGreenberg Consulting and Senior Instructor for Future Media Concepts. Over the last decade, he's amassed over 20 different certifications and is a Master Adobe, Apple, and Avid Instructor in the areas of editorial, compositing, sound, color correction, and compression.

To register for this webinar, visithttp://www.moviola.com/webinars/drive-sanity-for-media-professionals/

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