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Simplify Your Dailies Workflow with Moviola!

Dailies are a critical part of the filmmaking process, make it an easy process with DaVinci Resolve 9 and a webinar from Moviola!

Thanks to digital filmmaking technology, the demands on dailies are becoming higher and higher. Not only are dailies expected, but the quality of the product has gone up as well. With tools like DaVinci Resolve 9, dailies don’t have to be a headache! Moviola has announced a free live webinar running on August 16th at 10:00 AM PST. This webinar will cover techniques for completing dailies in DaVinci Resolve 9, including workflows, special features, how to batch render, and how to apply looks from the set across multiple dailies.

Presenter Andrew Balis is a colorist and online editor for Hollywood DI, working on a diverse range of projects from features to television, scripted and non-scripted. A specialist in post production workflows and technology innovations, Andrew Balis is a workflow consultant and has been an instructor training industry professionals in editorial and color correction systems, color theory and application, and new and emerging technologies and file-based editorial workflows.

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