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PrimeTime Lighting Offers 25% Factory Discount on Newest LED Lighting Products

Dallas, Texas – May 29, 2015 – On a mission to introduce their newest LED studio lighting products, PrimeTime Lighting Systems announced a 25% factory discount for their GUS 51 LED Fresnel, 1SLED XB and MSLED XB broadcast lighting fixtures through June. Dealers, resellers and system integrators continue to offer their customary discounts in addition to the 25% off MSRP to television, worship and film production facilities and other clients.

“We intend to add new TV studio photography to our website and other marketing materials. This discount should incent television station general managers and chief engineers for a complete LED studio package and as a result, I can schedule photo sessions. It’s a win-win for everyone,” said PrimeTime Lighting Systems vice president of marketing, Cynthia Harn.

Earlier this month, PrimeTime announced their unprecedented five-year warranty on LED products. “We are so confident in the engineering and build-quality of our LED products we have decided to extend our bumper-to-bumper warranty to a full five years on all LED instruments,” said PrimeTime CEO, Glen Harn. Previously, the company offered the standard two-year warranty. 

Unique to the broadcast lighting industry, PrimeTime’s LED products are silent and do not require fans. "What makes us so much more efficient at keeping diodes cool is better engineering, better design and better materials," added Harn. 

PrimeTime has consistently raised the bar in building lighting instruments for broadcast and production studios, entertainment venues, worship and video conference facilities by using industry leading technologies. Manufactured in the United States with PrimeTime's unmatched build-quality with lasting durability and rigorous engineering standards.

About PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc.

Known for innovative and superbly engineered lighting, PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc. (formerly KW/2 Studios) manufactures broadcast lighting systems, video conference light fixtures, and LED and fluorescent studio lighting for the broadcast industry. PrimeTime’s U.S. fabricated products illuminate broadcast and cable news sets, video conference facilities, worship sanctuaries, university studios, religious broadcasting studios, motion picture and production studios, city council chambers and distance learning classrooms throughout the United States and some foreign countries. PrimeTime luminaires are recognized for high performance, lasting durability and quality. For more information, visit