Video Clarity Redesigns Management Application for Its RTM Monitoring Systems

Upgraded RTM Manager Has New Interface, Additional Scheduling Functions, and Its Own Server

CAMPBELL, Calif. -- May 18, 2015 -- Video Clarity Inc., provider of market-leading audio and video quality measurement and analysis systems, today announced a newly engineered RTM Manager, the central management appliance for the company's RTM real-time audio and video monitoring solutions. Video Clarity has completely redesigned the RTM Manager interface and added operational scheduling functions to the application. The upgrades to RTM Manager, which is in use at major broadcast, cable, and telecom facilities, make it even easier to control groups of RTM systems. Most importantly, RTM systems now include an RTM Manager Server to accelerate data transfer and eliminate dependency on FTP.

"With the seemingly exponential growth in the number of channels being offered, some of our customers are increasing the number of RTM systems they use at one time, and in turn they need a way to run all of those systems efficiently. We gave RTM Manager a boost in speed and functionality so that anyone who's using multiple RTM units can control all of their systems at once, and do more with the systems more quickly," said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity. "Plus, because RTM Manager no longer relies on FTP, it's faster and can pick up IP changes on the fly."

In a move to make RTM Manager faster and more scalable, Video Clarity added the RTM Manager Server, a key new feature that replaces the FTP function and takes the load off of the network. The server leaves an installation package in each RTM system so that the RTM unit will recognize and share information with an RTM Manager automatically. Also, the new version offers the option to "delete oldest" logs or to stop recording, as opposed to saving all logs from a previous session as the last version did.

The new RTM Manager offers several other improvements over the previous version. For one, users can now select one or more RTMs to receive commands for various functions, enabling them to make sweeping changes to more than one RTM unit at a time. Beyond the options to start, stop, realign, or update incoming test content, new functions include preview, reboot, graph, and clear, and users can apply more than one command to the RTM systems at a time. Another time-saving improvement is that, instead of the user having to reassign an IP address on a system or create a new system/IP address in RTM Manager and then restart, RTM Manager now recognizes new or changed IP addresses automatically, as they happen. 

RTM Manager provides run-time scheduling, storage of error sequences with logs, and playback of recorded errors, a feature that gives users access to all RTM error events and test data. The newly designed interface offers a dashboard view of Web server status, which not only shows the activity of multiple RTM units to any user via an http connection, but also provides automatic archive and long-term statistical data across multiple units. Furthermore, Video Clarity built an administration page that is separate from the status dashboard, which means there are separate windows for viewing the status and working with configuration and controls.

The new RTM Manager also makes it possible to set up RTM systems in a Web browser. Users can schedule the run times of each RTM system connected via an IP network and set up alarms to indicate when any RTM unit goes offline or has an error condition.

The improved RTM Manager appliance is available with 1.3 terabytes of storage. More information about Video Clarity and the company's products is available at

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About Video Clarity Inc.

Video Clarity Inc. provides audio and video quality assessment and analysis systems for researchers, broadcasters, equipment vendors, and entertainment distribution engineers that must continually measure the quality of their products and services. Propelled by market-leading technology, Video Clarity solutions have been adopted the world over by major media networks such as NBC Universal and BSkyB; leading broadcast-product manufacturers such as Cisco and Harmonic; and educational, government, and research organizations such as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the U.S. Army, and NASA. Video Clarity was founded in 2003, with headquarters in Campbell, California, and distribution worldwide. Additional information is available at

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