New Wohler iAM-MVAM Is Single Solution for Monitoring Audio and Video from SDI and MPEG Transport Streams

Latest Confidence Monitor From Wohler Offers Unique Format Support, With Added Capabilities That Enhance User Experience

SAN FRANCISCO -- April 12, 2015 -- Wohler Technologies today announced the release of the new iAM-MVAM multifunction confidence monitor, available either with four 4.3-inch displays or two 7-inch displays. Unique in that it can handle inputs from multirate SDI, ASI, and IP interfaces, the iAM-MVAM monitor is an ideal solution for cost-effective, real-time MPEG TS, SDI, and HDMI monitoring. Offering unprecedented flexibility in handling diverse inputs, the iAM-MVAM enables operators to monitor incoming signals, internal transport signals, and outbound distribution signals with one easy-to-use system.

"Free from codec limitations and offering robust capabilities without the costly upgrades typically associated with MPEG monitoring equipment, the iAM-MVAM series brings confidence monitoring to a new level," said Wohler CEO Carl Dempsey. "Only the iAM-MVAM decodes and monitors MPEG transport streams carrying MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264 encoded video, along with all associated data tables for complete confidence. With this remarkable capability, the iAM-MVAM opens the door to monitoring in environments in which monitoring has previously been impractical or cost-prohibitive."

The iAM-MVAM decodes and displays MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 signals via Ethernet IP or BNC ASI inputs while giving users the ability to browse PAT, PMT, EIT, and NIT data tables for each selected stream. In addition to monitoring demodulated MPEG transport streams from any RF signal, the iAM-MVAM monitor also features dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and audio monitoring with on-screen level meters.

Building on the success of Wohler's MPEG range of monitors, the iAM-MVAM monitor also offers features such as an intuitive touch-screen interface, decoded HDMI and SDI video output, decoded XLR audio output, a faster processor, and 1 Gbps IP input with full multicast support. Because the compact system monitors audio, video, and the transport layer simultaneously, it can replace as many as four standard pieces of equipment: the audio monitor, video monitor, transport stream decoder, and transport stream monitor. The potential result is a reduction in both capex and opex that can amount to huge cost savings.

One of the iAM-MVAM monitor's more impressive features is the combination of MPEG decoding with Wohler-quality sound. The speakers and amplifiers have been designed to put out loud and clear sound that can be heard in the noisiest of equipment rooms. At the same time, Wohler has taken displays and measurements from its world-leading AMP2-16V audio/video processing monitor to enhance the audio-monitoring function. Features such as audio bar indicators and loudness measurements are driven from multiple audio decoders including Dolby.

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