Wisycom Expands Capabilities with New MCR42 Firmware 3.4 Update

LAS VEGAS — Wisycom, designer and builder of the most sophisticated RF solutions for broadcast, film and live production, has maximized wireless capabilities with the release of its latest firmware and adapter for the MCR42 UHF Miniature Camera Receiver. The updated firmware allows collaboration and seamless use with Sound Devices new 688 mixer/recorder and its SL-6 SuperSlot powering and wireless accessory.

With the addition of the 688 mixer/recorder and SL-6 accessory, the MCR42 can use 2 analog channels or a digital AES3, or it can be managed and monitored by the SuperSlot to use all its advanced features like the ability to probe TV channels for interference on a wide spectrum. These functionalities, along with the new SuperSlot technology, permit the MCR42 to connect with Sound Devices 688 and bring a whole new array of versatility and possibilities for users including audio mixing, recording and wireless receiver control all from the mixer, with dramatically simplified power distribution and interconnection.

“It was a pleasure working with Sound Devices to enable our Wisycom systems to support SuperSlot,” says Massimo Polo, Sales & Marketing Director, Wisycom. “We are always looking for new ways to streamline production processes for our users. Wisycom has recently issued a new MCR42 firmware and an SLK-IKSS rear panel adapter update to accommodate this new technology. This will help to minimize the cabling required to connect the 688 to the MCR42.”

The compact design of the MCR42 allows integration of a dual true diversity receiver, which in turn gives plenty of space to fit a camera slot. The aluminum housing serves as a robust design for durability and upgrades, such as the firmware 3.4 upgrade. The MCR42 operates on wide frequency, up to 230MHz, and retains exceptional sensitivity and intermodulation immunity, and the DSP board allows analog and digital (AES3) output, with multi-compander compatibilities and other digital features.

The MCR42 comes equipped with Wisycom’s patented PTT (push-to-talk) feature, allowing operators the ability to easily switch which output-line is used, whether the main or intercom line. With this clever implementation, it is a breeze for users to use the PTT feature to speak off-air with their technical team. All microphones with PTT can be connected with pre-fading, allowing the intercom setup.

“It has been a pleasure working with such a forward-thinking company as Wisycom on this new innovative standard, and we look forward to seeing how much our collaboration and our SuperSlot-compatible products help improve the workflows for professionals throughout the audio industry,” says Paul Isaacs, Vice President of Marketing and Product Design at Sound Devices.

About Wisycom

Wisycom is a designer and builder of the most sophisticated RF solutions for broadcast, film and live production, renowned for their durability, flexibility, reliability, practicality and cost-effective price points. Wisycom’s design process is driven by attention to detail, customer feedback and ultimate quality, from the selection of components to the manufacturing process, which takes place at the company’s Italian plants. The company prides itself on serving as a technical advisor and partner to every customer. From custom design to evaluation and dimensioning of systems, the Wisycom team stands by its customers through every step of the process. For more information, please visit www.wisycom.com.