Bittree Inc. 2015 NAB Show -- Booth SU9521

Bittree Products on Display at the 2015 NAB Show:

Bittree CVP0115 Mini Triax Patchbays

Triaxial cables continue to be the most common type of cabling for broadcast cameras, and many facilities have been pre-cabled to meet this need. Bittree's CVP0115 series of low-profile mini triax patchbays can play a key role in reducing the cable bundle size in a studio or OB truck while condensing the patching of traditional camera-to-CCU circuits. Featuring 2x24 positions in just 2 RU, the CVP0115 uses high-bandwidth 3Ghz jacks to accommodate today's high-definition camera systems. Each position is straight through, non-normalling and non-terminating at 75 ohms with low return loss. Jacks feature gold-plated center pins and inner-shield contacts and two isolated copper braids for excellent EMI/RF shielding. Custom configurations are available.

Photo Caption: Bittree CVP0115 Mini Triax Patchbay

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Company Quote:

"At the 2015 NAB Show, we will be showcasing Bittree's innovative, high-quality patching solutions. Patchbays are a relatively simple yet elegant way to distribute broadcast signals while also providing physical demarcation points for verifying signals. By enabling centralized locations for patching signals of all types, Bittree's solutions can allow users to save on cabling costs and reduce overall system complexity."

-- Glenn Garrard, CEO, Bittree