Telestream Spotlights Intelligent File-based Transcoding Workflow Automation at BVE

At BVE 2015, Telestream (stand P16) will demonstrate how its integrated and optimized transcoding and workflow automation software provides an ideal platform for broadcast and electronic media enterprises of all sizes to build and extend their business models. From DPP-compliant production systems to international news broadcast workflows, Telestream will demonstrate how its Vantage® platform enables broadcasters and facilities to work more intelligently, efficiently and profitably.

Also at BVE, Telestream will announce the release of Switch 1.5 professional media player and inspection tool for Mac and Windows. Switch is an award-winning multi-format media player and inspection tool for broadcast and media professionals. Switch opens and plays virtually any media file, displays detailed information about that file and lets users make changes - saving time and ensuring higher accuracy in media inspection and streamlining of workflow. Switch 1.5 adds additional caption/subtitle playback support, including support for SCC, DVB, TTML (iTT and SMPTE TTML captions), and webVTT subtitle files as well as 608/708 embedded captions. 

Importantly for UK broadcasters, Switch Player can also be used to visually QC DPP files. Telestream Switch and Vantage were among the first to achieve DPP/AMWA certification as part of the DPP (Digital Production Partnership)’s Compliance Program.

Forging ahead with Vantage
Telestream will use BVE 2015 to showcase the latest advances in its enterprise-class software products. Visitors will see the company's flagship Vantage product family, which offers GPU accelerated transcoding and intelligent workflow automation for broadcast, cable, post-production, IPTV, OTT, and multiscreen delivery.

Telestream’s file-based media products enable users to transform video across the enterprise, allowing them to streamline operations, reach broader audiences and generate more revenue from their media. Vantage provides a broad range of transcoding and file-based workflow automation software, making content production, multiscreen delivery, and device interoperability a hands-off process. Vantage combines file format conversion, media capture, metadata processing, analysis, and content assembly into a unified system, which can be operated on premise or in the cloud.

Support for 4K, HEVC and 3rd party interoperability

Focusing on the growing needs of content owners seeking to develop multi-platform distribution architectures, Vantage continues to include support for more file formats across the Vantage Transcode product family. Full 4K support and HEVC encoding are now available in Vantage Transcode Multiscreen and Vantage Transcode IPTV VOD. Further, XAVC decoding and ProRes 4444 encoding are now available in Vantage Transcode Pro.

Built on the Vantage platform, Post Producer™ addresses the issue of repetitive rendering of different versions of media. Based on user templates, Post Producer automatically assembles multi-layer composites from video and graphics - enabling the creation of uniquely-branded versions of the same package for different distribution services. Different versions can be created automatically simply by substituting the necessary elements. In addition to providing significant cost savings, Post Producer accelerates the versioning process which allows more jobs to be completed and billed. Automated content production is now even easier with the recent ability for editors to design production templates in Avid, Adobe and Final Cut Pro editing systems.

Transcoding in the Cloud with Vantage

Launched by Telestream last autumn, Vantage Cloud Subscriptions complements on-premise Vantage systems by allowing users to quickly and easily construct and tear down transcode farms in the cloud, making it possible to dynamically respond to fluctuating workflow needs. Vantage Cloud offers all the capabilities of Vantage – including automated transcoding, media processing, and automated decision-making – on cloud-based infrastructure. With global reach and pay-as-you-go pricing at Amazon Web Services, Vantage Cloud offers greater flexibility and choice in where and how users get their work done.

Latest Vantage developments in support of Digital Production Partnership

At BVE 2015, there will be a particular focus on DPP and its impact on the UK broadcast industry. On its stand, Telestream will demonstrate how its Vantage transcoding and workflow automation system provides UK broadcasters and facilities with a clear competitive advantage in developing their DPP enterprise operations.

The latest version (6.3) of Vantage adds several new capabilities for assembling and encoding DPP AS-11 MXF files. The Vantage DPP Workflow Portal allows entry of DPP metadata and the creation of multi-part DPP packages from one or more media files. Vantage Post Producer automatically assembles the DPP timeline, including bars, tones, slates and correct multi-part spacing. The entire DPP solution is completely unified and includes full encoding, timeline rendering and metadata assembly without requiring editing personnel or XML programmers.

“At BVE 2015, we will showcase advanced technologies that come as standard features in the Vantage product line, demonstrating the highest video quality, the fastest video processing, and the broadest format support,” said George Boath, Vice President of International Sales at Telestream. “Today, the UK is in a new era of open standards-based broadcast operations and we will use BVE to demonstrate how Telestream has responded to the challenge presented by DPP and evolved a range of customer-focussed solutions based around Vantage.”