Jamuna Television Leads Live Newsgathering in Bangladesh With AVIWEST DMNG PRO180 Solution

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France -- Sept. 30, 2014 -- AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that Jamuna Television, a 24-hour television news channel in Bangladesh, has deployed the company's DMNG PRO180 and DMNG PRO180-RA 3G/4G video uplink solutions to improve the delivery of live video transmissions for breaking news coverage. Utilizing AVIWEST's digital mobile newsgathering solutions, Jamuna Television can broadcast live SD and HD video content over 3G/4G networks while maintaining excellent signal quality, even when the networks are congested. By eliminating the need for satellite-based OB vans, the DMNG PRO180 and DMNG PRO180-RA have significantly reduced Jamuna Television's operating expenses.

By deploying AVIWEST's solutions, Jamuna Television is the first news channel in Bangladesh to rely on advanced SNG technologies for breaking news, establishing itself as a technology innovator in the region. AVIWEST's DMNG PRO solutions provide Jamuna Television with the best quality and cost efficiency on the market.

"Jamuna Television broadcasts more than 50 live interviews each day from multiple locations around Bangladesh and across the world. Recently, we were looking to replace our OB vans with a more cost-effective and portable video uplink solution that is resilient and easy to use," said Bilal Aman Khan, executive director of operations at Jamuna Television. "After running multiple field tests with solutions from different vendors, we found that AVIWEST's DMNG PRO180 offers the best performance in tough environmental conditions, enabling us to provide superior-quality video streams to our viewers. Furthermore, the DMNG PRO180 is easy to set up and use, drastically reducing the number of people needed in the field."

AVIWEST's DMNG PRO180 and DMNG PRO180-RA video uplink systems feature an ultra-compact, robust, and highly portable design with up to 10 cellular connections, including eight 3G/4G internal modems with high-efficiency custom antenna arrays and two USB interfaces, plus a built-in Wi-Fi modem. The DMNG PRO180-RA system also includes eight MCX antenna connectors that are used with AVIWEST's QUAD wideband external cellular antenna arrays to strengthen signal transmission in critical environments such as street demonstrations, sports stadiums, or vehicles in motion. Both units include AVIWEST Safe Stream technology to guarantee the delivery of live transmissions even when there are unpredictable cellular network conditions. The units' H.264 video encoder enables Jamuna Television to stream live HD video efficiently with minimal delay.

Each video uplink system weighs only about 1 kg, making the DMNG PRO180 and DMNG PRO180-RA ideal for in-the-field use. Operators can seamlessly connect the units to any professional camera via V-Mount, Gold Mount, or PAGlok plates and set up a live session in less than one minute. Designed with ease of use in mind, the systems automatically detect real-time network links. Through a user-friendly and intuitive touch-screen interface, broadcasters can configure and operate the systems, as well as talk to the studio using the IFB two-way communication channel. Additionally, the inclusion of low-latency intercom communication between the studio and camera operator enables Jamuna Television to quickly make any adjustments to the video transmission before and during a live recording.

"Today's broadcasters need to be able to transmit live video content quickly, reliably, and affordably," said Erwan Gasc, CEO, AVIWEST. "With the click of a button, our DMNG PRO180 and DMNG PRO180-RA video uplink systems enable in-the-field broadcast journalists to deliver a crisp video image to television viewers in real time, despite varying network conditions."

More information on AVIWEST and its products is available at www.aviwest.com.

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