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ProAm USA Lends Camera Enthusiasts Support with The New SolidTrax Dolly System

ProAm USA, a manufacturer of production equipment for film and video enthusiasts and professionals, today announced the availability of two new dollies: the SolidTrax Track Dolly and the SolidTrax Platform Dolly. A DIY wheel assembly is also available.

SolidTrax Dollies are made from the same heavy-duty aluminum that has given ProAm USA products their durable and dependable name. At the same time, they are lightweight and portable to offer support in any location necessary. They are capable of holding a variety of equipment with ease, allowing for versatility in filming, outside of what many other support systems can offer. Both SolidTrax Dollies are designed with high quality and reliability in mind to provide smooth and silent dolly and tracking shots. Assembled in the US, either option ships with ProAm USA’s lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

SolidTrax Track Dolly
The Track Dolly incorporates six wheels and twelve total precision ABEC bearings to create a powerhouse support system for any tripod. Let the Track Dolly smooth out those bumps with its auto-adjustment capabilities for curved tracks and a heavy-duty aluminum body that is built to last. It fits standard straight or curved dolly tracks, and at just seven pounds, the Track Dolly promises both durability and manageability. It easily mounts standard tripod legs and, with a capacity of up to 80 pounds, the Track Dolly is the perfect solution to accomplish captivating camera movements.

The SolidTrax Track Dolly is now available for just 199 USD through ProAm USA’s website.

SolidTrax Platform Dolly
The smoothness of the Platform Dolly will move you – literally. It includes eight wheels and sixteen total precision ABEC bearings to offer a rugged, reliable dolly and tracking system to any project. With a thick 24” x 24” wooden platform, the Platform Dolly is capable of holding up to 275 pounds of equipment. Heavy-duty aluminum brackets are also incorporated into the dolly’s design to prevent tripods or mounted equipment from sliding off. The Platform Dolly’s collapsible handle can reach up to 24 inches long and offers a unique way to get that perfect moving shot. Weighing just 15 pounds, the Platform Dolly is not overbearing, but rather highly adaptive to your specific camera support needs.

The SolidTrax Platform Dolly is now available for only 199 USD through ProAm USA’s website.

SolidTrax DIY Wheel Assemblies
Stand-alone wheel assemblies are also available for those do-it-yourselfers with unique applications. Each assembly features four wheels and eight ABEC bearings mounted to a strong aluminum bracket. Wheel assemblies can be attached to traditional dollies, custom built platforms or any other equipment that needs to be smoothly moved on a dolly track.

The SolidTrax DIY Wheel Assemblies are now available for only 39 USD through ProAm USA’s website.

Well-built, sturdy tripods are pieces of equipment that can never be overlooked when recording. They offer the necessary stabilization for stationary shots. When mounted on a dolly, tripods can allow filmmakers to capture movement in one smooth, lifelike shot. Different from using the zoom feature, which tends to flatten the image and distort the distance between the lens and the subject, a dolly allows the camera to follow the subject with concrete stability. This helps filmmakers maintain an even and realistic distance that transports the viewer into their digital world.

About ProAm USA
Drawing from experience in the video and film industry, ProAm USA began in 2003 and launched its first uniquely designed camera crane in 2004. It was the first tool-less camera crane and one of the first made specifically for consumer and prosumer cameras. Over 10 years, ProAm has become the innovation leader in camera mounting systems with products used worldwide by film and video professionals. ProAm’s mission is to make it easy to shoot amazing video and create incredible films by manufacturing well-designed, superior quality crane and jib systems for high-end hobbyists and professional photographers and filmmakers.

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