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i-Yuno Reduces the Cost and Complexity of Re-Cutting Captioned Content

Burbank, CA - -At the National Association of Broadcasters Show, i-Yuno, a provider of automated captioning and subtitling solutions, will introduce a new cloud-based Software-as-a-Service web portal that significantly reduces the cost and complexity associated with re-cutting captioned content for foreign markets.

Typically, an international content provider will create a program and include captions/subtitles, as mandated by the U.S. government to accommodate hearing-impaired consumers. Post-production companies and broadcasters around the world then re-edit the content for international channels, creating captions and subtitles that strictly adhere to specific geographic rules (e.g., language and censorship), for each country in which it will appear. A major provider might have ten different versions for each movie. This process, which is known as a re-cut or re-synchronization project, can be time consuming and expensive. [In average, a single 60-minute program costs $60 to caption/subtitle.]

i-Yuno’s new Subtitle/Caption Recut service is accessed through a dedicated website ( that allows users to upload low-resolution versions of the content, or simply the audio track, along with its matching subtitle/caption file and their edited video file (these can be multiple files from a single video). Then, using digital audio fingerprints within the video, the service automatically generates, within minutes, a recut, re-synchronized subtitle or caption file that can be distributed immediately.

Original video files, matching subtitles/captions and edited video are uploaded to the cloud and the recut starts. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes for the digital fingerprints of an hour-long video to scan, verify differences and re-adjust the subtitle/captions. Various file formats can be downloaded for immediate use, or the i-Yuno iMediaTrans subtitle/caption editor can modify, verify, and export to a wide array of file formats.

“The real value of this service for international broadcasters is that there’s no extra hardware or people to invest in, it’s all provided virtually and is fully scalable to process multiple video simultaneously,” said David Lee, President of i-Yuno. “If a content distributor has to deliver multiple versions of the same file, for hundreds of hours of contents per year, this can get very expensive. Our service is a fraction of the cost of current re-cut services, and works a lot faster as well.”

The new i-Yuno Subtitle/Caption Recut service will be demonstrated at NAB (booth N6421). For more information, visit

On-Site Editorial Appointments: i-Yuno is happy to set up an editorial appointment to give the press a better understanding of this cost-effective and unique approach to captioning and subtitling of existing or new video programming. Please click on to schedule an individual meeting.

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i-Yuno is a 12 year+ company specialized in subtitling, captioning and dubbing services plus developing relevant technologies. i-Yuno services international channels from 7 global offices. i-Yuno is the developer of MediaTrans, the most dominant subtitling S/W in Korea and also sold across the world through various distributors. i-Yuno launched its US operation in early Feb 2014, and has moved its core teams to concentrate in US penetration. Further information:


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