Unified Video Technologies to Stream Live Boxing from NAB with 360° iVE Interactive Video Service

Miami, Florida – March 26, 2014 -- Unified Video Technologies (UNIV), a provider of complete media ecosystems and software services for broadcasters, enterprises and the entertainment industry, will live-stream boxing matches via iVE, UNIV’s 360° interactive video solution, from the 2014 NAB Show. The matches will be held throughout the show at a specially constructed scaled-down ring located at the UNIV booth (N8023). Visitors to the booth will be able to compare the experience of watching the match in person with experiencing it through the iVE second screen app on Android and iOS mobile devices.

By simply moving their devices through space using iVE, visitors can navigate about the ring for a truly immersive and engrossing physical experience of being onsite at the match. A similar up-close-and-personal experience can be accessed at the UNIV website (www.univtec.com/ive) using any desktop and laptop browser by clicking and dragging a mouse to interact with the event. Both experiences will demonstrate how the iVE experience can be used to complement live TV broadcasts.

iVE uses unique multi-lens cameras to capture live events, including sports and entertainment, from a variety of viewpoints. The service then stitches the video and renders it to create a fully interactive, up-close and personal 360° first-person experience. The innovative iVE app enables viewers to create a completely personalized experience in real-time by simply moving their mobile device. A similar experience can be achieved in desktop or laptop computer browser window by moving a mouse. Viewers may participate in the event as it happens or on demand.

For advertisers, event producers and sports teams, iVE provides an OPEX model that does not require investment in costly capital equipment. The iVE app and browser may be customized for a fully branded experience. RSS feeds, polling, graphics and ad insertion, and social media integration provide increased viewer involvement, reach and messaging capabilities. The application allows the broadcasters to add another screen to monetize their content by selling sponsorship, hotspots and banners with advertisement during the event and on demand.

“We eagerly anticipate the very unique demonstration that we will be hosting at the 2014 NAB Show. In addition to providing great entertainment at our booth, it will illustrate just how effectively iVE brings the being-there excitement of live events to people throughout the world, anytime, and on any device,” said Pablo Goldstein, CEO of UNIV. “By providing iVE on a video-as-a-service basis, we make it accessible to businesses, producers and event organizers without requiring them to invest in event streaming capital equipment. iVE provides them with an ideal solution for delivering high-involvement, attractive experiences to consumers worldwide.”

During the NAB Show, the live boxing matches can be accessed from anywhere worldwide on mobile devices by downloading the Surround Video Application directly from the iTunes Store and going to http://www.univtec.com/nablive2014, or with any web browser.

About UNIV: Challenging the Future of TV

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