TSL Products Launches Industry First AVB Audio Monitoring Units at NAB 2014

PAM1 AVB and PAM2 AVB Provide Extensive Features for AVB Infrastructure

LAS VEGAS, MARCH 21, 2014TSL Products, manufacturer of audio monitoring solutions, surround sound microphones and processors, broadcast control systems and power management tools, is debuting its cutting-edge PAM1 and PAM2 AVB Audio Monitoring Units at NAB 2014 (Booth N1123). The PAM AVB units provide all the power and capability of TSL Products’ industry leading PAM precision audio monitoring systems, while specifically addressing the needs of an Audio-over-IP AVB facility infrastructure.

“Designed for a major U.S. broadcaster moving into an Audio Video Bridging infrastructure, the addition of AVB compatibility to the PAM range provides operators in key production positions with a complete monitoring/loudness compliance solution that supports AVB Audio-over-IP, along with existing SDI, AES and analog audio formats,” says Martin Dyster, Head of Audio for TSL Products.

“Audio-over-IP technology is a highly efficient and low cost alternative to MADI, AES and analog using inexpensive Ethernet cable and connectors with dedicated switches across a broadcast LAN.Incorporating the full range of features that qualifies PAM as the go-to monitor for hundreds of broadcasters worldwide, the PAM1 AVB and PAM2 AVB units can be used extensively within Production, QC, Ingest, Master Control, Post Production and Playout environments, as well as supporting functions such as Engineering and Technical Support.”

The low latency Audio-over-IP solution provided by AVB is ideal for broadcast systems, and with the support of major manufacturers specializing in the new infrastructure and production tools, it has now become a reality. As with analog, then AES, SDI and most recently MADI, TSL Products has lead the way, producing cutting-edge confidence monitoring solutions for the broadcast and audio industries. Specific customer interest in AVB monitoring began as far back as November 2012, prompting TSL Products to announce a firm commitment to the development of Audio-over-IP technology at NAB 2013 with the launch of the production ready PAM1 and PAM2 AVB models at NAB 2014.

The PAM AVB models are currently designed to sit within a hybrid environment where multichannel audio connectivity linking router, console and Comms is over an AVB network. SDI is still used for transporting embedded audio associated with HD video. The units offer extensive audio confidence/loudness compliance monitoring with features including dual OLED/LCD displays, video monitoring screen and 16 bargraph-type meters. Units display data, metadata and loudness information. In addition to AVB I/O, each unit offers two HD/SDI, four AES and two analog pair inputs, with outputs including line level (fixed/variable), AES (fixed/variable), reclocked HD/SDI, composite video, downconverted video, headphone and integral loudspeakers. Both models also feature an external SDI monitor output used to display critical visual monitoring elements on external devices.

“At TSL Products, we pride ourselves as pioneers when it comes to implementing the latest technology, having developed the first de-embedding rackmount monitor, the first to decode Dolby E, to use OLED and LCD displays instead of LED bargraphs and now the first with AVB support,” affirms Dyster. “The emergence of a new technology is always met with an equal measure of caution and interest, but it is through the presence of forward thinking companies, like TSL Products and other like-minded partners, that early adopters can feel confident that their decision is right and that they are not starting out on the journey alone. We see a bright future for Audio-over-IP in the AVB open standard.”

Visit Booth N1123 at NAB to learn more about PAM AVB and TSL Products’ vision for the future of Audio/Video-over-IP within a broadcast infrastructure.

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