Cocola Broadcasting Companies Chooses DVEO's Ad Serter IP/ASI/SDI to Manage Graphics Insertion

San Diego, California -- DVEO, the broadcast division of Computer Modules, Inc. (CMI), announced that Cocola Broadcasting Companies has chosen the company’s Ad Serter technology to add advertising at one of its stations. Located in Fresno, California, Cocola Broadcasting Companies is a locally owned television broadcast company that operates 30 TV stations in California and Idaho.

Designed for broadcasters, IP content aggregators, and cable companies, the Ad Serter IP/ASI/SDI inserts or overlays scheduled or signal driven video ads, graphics, logos, video clips, writable slates, text, or emergency alerts anywhere on SD or HD live streams, with any degree of transparency. Graphics, logos, and text can be static, blinking, or rotating.

"At Cocola Broadcasting Companies, we are constantly needing graphics on different channels. Before the Ad Serter, re-wiring the graphic inserter on a different channel was a frequent occurrence," said Gary M. Cocola, Chairman and CEO of Cocola Broadcasting Companies. "Now, thanks to the Ad Serter, we overlay graphics after the encoder on the multiplexed transport stream. No more recabling for different channels. We simply select which channel we want the graphics on and turn it on. It's that easy. We love the Ad Serter."

"We are very proud that Cocola Broadcasting Companies selected the Ad Serter," said Laszlo Zoltan, Vice President of DVEO. "We recommend it to our customers for 'branding' content, adding graphics and text to programming, adding RSS or news feeds, and more. We also create customized systems."

The Ad Serter stores graphics, clips, and messages in local memory, enabling customers to create large local graphical libraries for quick use. Graphical elements such as fancy boxes, borders, background colors, and identifiers can also be used to enhance the video content.

Cocola Broadcasting Companies purchased the Ad Serter with DVB-ASI input and output. The Ad Serter is also available with SDI input and output, IP input and output, or as a 20 channel IP input and output version for Telco TV.

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  • Inserts or overlays graphical ads, video clips, logos, graphics, CG, scrolling text, and emergency alerts into video feeds on a schedule or via signaling like SCTE-35
  • Works with most fonts: Chinese, Arabic, Indian, etc. via Unicode interface
  • SD – Optional SD plus HD version available
  • Generates playlists for time-shifted content that include all national ads, local ads and content in pre, post, and mid-roll spot
  • Built in intelligence makes scheduling easy
  • IP input and output for multi screen implementations
  • DVB-ASI input and output version available for broadcast
  • SDI/HD-SDI input and output version available for classic CG
  • Video Import via SDI even if I/O is IP
  • Supports 1080i, 720p, and 480i, and all standard broadcast resolutions
  • Selects transport streams by program numbers or PIDs
  • Features daily, weekly, and monthly schedule-based logos, alerts, and text insertion
  • Arbitrary location for graphics
  • Choose from static, rotating, or blinking graphics, logos, and text
  • Creates crawling messages and emergency alerts with programmable fonts and background colors, in any language
  • Select any degree of transparency
  • Easy drag and drop placement to position logo, text, or graphics on screen
  • News feeds from RSS in any language, with programmable fonts and background colors
  • Able to mask entire screen with a static image in case of video input failure or auto bypass via relay
  • 3 RU rack mountable frame
  • Template based character generator
  • EAS option
  • SLATE function puts up an Empty Background on which you can type messages
  • Customization available
  • ASI version can also play recorded files from hard drive, in loop mode
  • ESAM support in development
  • Stores graphics, clips, and messages in local memory

Suggested Retail Prices:
Ad Serter ASI (SD only): $8,995 U.S.
Ad Serter ASI (SD plus HD): $9,995 U.S.
Ad Serter Telco IP/IP 20ch (SD only): $15,995 U.S.
Customized versions: Call for pricing

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About Cocola Broadcasting Companies
Cocola Broadcasting Companies is a locally owned television broadcast company headquartered in Fresno, California. Founded in the early 1980s by Valley broadcasting veteran Gary Cocola, Cocola owns full power digital and low power television stations in California and Idaho. Cocola was one of the first broadcasters in the US to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by low-powered television after the FCC approved such stations in the early 1980s.

About CMI and DVEO
CMI, founded in 1982, is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California. DVEO, the Broadcast Division of Computer Modules, Inc., sells digital video and high definition television (HDTV) products to the top television broadcast companies throughout the world.

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