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Wyplay Media Gateway Software Running on ViXS XCode

Wyplay's Advanced Media Open Solutions-Based Software Now Running on XCode 4310 Media Center With Secure Streaming to Mobile Devices

MARSEILLE, France, and TORONTO -- Oct. 29, 2013 -- Wyplay, creator of software solutions for pay-TV operators, today announced a partnership with ViXS Systems Inc. (TSX: VXS) through which ViXS has developed a true open platform-based solution for new operator media gateway solutions. This new software platform can be customized to provide a unique look and feel for specific operator requirements. Using the latest open-software techniques, such as HTML-5 and widgets, the software can leverage legacy set-top box architectures as well as run on newer platforms. A key feature of the Wyplay architecture is its ability to interoperate over a multiscreen environment, which allows it to take full advantage of ViXS' advanced transcoding architecture on the XCode 4310 SoC.

Wyplay's innovative approach to software development and interoperability -- illustrated by the recent announcement of the Frog by Wyplay initiative that gives access to the company's entire solution source code -- has already gained traction in the set-top box industry, where it has enabled operators such as Canal+, SFR, Belgacom, and Vodafone to develop new middleware solutions quickly and achieve very fast time to market.

"Working with Wyplay has shown that with good, managed processes and a solid, open-source framework, new applications and middleware can be created quickly and efficiently -- not only for the media server, but throughout the multiuser home media ecosystem," said David Jones, vice president of marketing and business development for ViXS Systems. "As early adopters of the Frog by Wyplay initiative, we look forward to many opportunities for collaboration with this complete packaged solution."

"The emerging gateway market has been an exciting space for Wyplay and is a great match for our software," said Dominique Feral, Wyplay chief marketing officer. "At the same time, ViXS, with its expertise in media transcoding silicon solutions, is one of the leaders in this emerging market and is a logical partner for pay-TV operators that are looking for innovative solutions and quick time to market. We are pleased to play a role in ViXS' overall media software ecosystem and welcome the company's involvement in our new Frog by Wyplay community."

More information about the Frog by Wyplay initiative is available at

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About ViXS Systems Inc.

ViXS is the semiconductor pioneer in designing and developing high-performance media solutions for the consumer electronics and video service provider industries. With over 422 patents issued and pending worldwide, ViXS has been recognized with a number of industry awards for innovation. ViXS is the world leader in transcoder deployments with over 27 million shipments to date, and still growing.

ViXS has a comprehensive portfolio of products to meet the diverse needs of the global media industry. Portfolio highlights include the most advanced dense transcoder available for cloud-based solutions, as well as SoCs for home devices capable of doing the most simultaneous number of HD streams in the industry. Moreover, ViXS is the only company to have integrated transcoding and Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) technologies to create the lowest-cost media gateway capable of delivering premium content to consumer IP devices, such as the iPad(R), inside and outside of the home.

ViXS is headquartered in Toronto, with global operations and offices in Europe, Asia, and North America. For more information on ViXS, visit

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About Wyplay

Independent and internationally recognized, Wyplay develops open, modular, innovative software solutions for IPTV, cable, satellite, and terrestrial TV operators and broadcasters around the world. Wyplay's technology enables operators to select, configure, and deploy solutions easily from the richest list of preconfigured functionality available in a modular online TV solution, including an electronic program guide, video recorder, multiscreen and multiroom connectivity, an application store, and more. Wyplay's professional services team creates user experiences that exactly match and complement an operator's or broadcaster's product and market strategies. Wyplay is now a strategic partner for such leading brands as Canal+, SFR, Vodafone, and Belgacom. To learn more about Wyplay, visit