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Artel Video Systems -- Stand 2.A20, Hall 2

At IBC2013, Artel Video Systems ( will showcase the latest advancements in the DigiLink video transport platform. On display will be the innovative DL4360x chassis with embedded signal routing, HD-SDI over IP, JPEG2000 compression with ASI encapsulation of HD-SDI, and Ethernet switching capabilities. In addition, the company will demonstrate its newly released multiport optical and electrical video I/O modules. With its complete set of transport and routing capabilities, Artel Video Systems continues its mission to simplify broadcast-quality video transport by providing the most cost effective, space and power efficient, and easiest to deploy solution for broadcast-quality video transport across direct fiber, IP, and managed optical networks.

New Products and Technology Demos

DL4360x DigiLink Video Transport Chassis

At IBC2013 Artel Video Systems will demonstrate its innovative DL4360x DigiLink video transport chassis integrating a complete set of solutions for contribution video transport with video and Ethernet routing and switching. The low-power, compact, 3-RU chassis features 12-function module slots with a 60 x 60 non-blocking video and Ethernet switch. This unique design eliminates external cross connects while keeping video or Ethernet signals in native format, simplifying the routing and rerouting process, and reducing operational expenses. The DL4360x is an ideal solution for remote sites where immediate and timely reconfiguration is required via EMS or NMS, while chassis monitoring and management is made simple via external status LEDs, a feature-rich HTTP interface, and SNMPv2 capabilities.

DLC450 HD-SDI Video-Over-IP Gateway

Making its European debut at IBC2013 is Artel Video Systems' DLC450 HD-SDI video-over-IP gateway. Designed as a cost-effective solution for transport of uncompressed HD-SDI over managed Ethernet IP networks, the DLC450 utilizes SMPTE 2022-5/6 IP encapsulation and forward error correction (FEC) algorithms to ensure reliable, error-free transport and compliance with industry standards. Integrating seamlessly within the DigiLink platform, the DLC450 can easily be configured via DL-Manager or SNMPv2 as either a transmitter or receiver. In transmitter mode, the DLC450 packetizes the video to SMPTE 2022-6 encapsulation standard and provides users with flexible SMPTE 2022-5 FEC configurations to maximize reliability and minimize latency and overhead. In receiver mode, its robust multipass FEC correction algorithm and user-configurable packet buffering enable reliable performance over less than ideal Ethernet links.

DLC610 HD-SDI JPEG2000 Compression With DVB-ASI Encapsulation Module

At IBC2013, Artel Video Systems will demonstrate its innovative DLC610 video compression module. The DLC610 includes a user-programmable JPEG2000 encoder or decoder with low latency and industry standard ASI encapsulation, making it the ideal solution for transporting high-quality HD-SDI signals across DVB-ASI compatible networks. A state-of-the-art intoPIX(R) compression core enables the DLC610 to compress a single HD-SDI signal into an 80 to 180Mb/s JPEG2000 video code stream and, encapsulated with all audio and ancillary data, into DVB-ASI according to industry standards. The resulting DVB-ASI stream can then be transported over fiber links, Ethernet, and optical networks for decoding and delivery by a DLC610 or any other industry standard JPEG2000 decoder. Thanks to its open flexible design, the DLC610 can be purchased as a low-cost standalone solution for integration into standard ASI equipment or into the DigiLink platform.

DLC205 9-Port Gigabit Ethernet Aggregator With Optical Transceiver

Artel Video Systems will showcase the DLC205 Ethernet aggregator and optical transceiver at IBC2013. Integrating seamlessly within the company's DigiLink video transport platform, the single-slot module is an ideal solution for broadcasters, CATV operators, telco operators, and video service providers looking to aggregate Ethernet traffic across a single optical or electrical connection. The highly versatile DLC205 features an innovative design capable of aggregating nine channels -- five external and four internal -- of 10/100/1000 Ethernet traffic for transport across electrical or optical networks. The fully nonblocking module features a total capacity of 18 gigabits of Ethernet traffic and linking the internal ports to other modules in a DigiLink chassis eliminates the need for external cabling.

DLM205 9-Port Gigabit Ethernet Aggregator With Optical Transceiver and Onboard Chassis Management

Leveraging the same functionalities and cutting-edge design of the DLC205, the DLM205 integrates HTTP and SNMP management capabilities for the DL4000 chassis. The management traffic is combined with other Ethernet traffic in the chassis for full in-band management.

DLC105 SFP Video and Ethernet Access Module

On display at IBC2013 will be the DLC105 SFP video and Ethernet access module. Via five bi-directional SFP cages, the DLC105 provides flexible video and Ethernet access to the company's DigiLink chassis for routing, transport, and DA applications. The SFPs can be set up to support up to five video inputs and five video outputs, five gigabit Ethernet ports, five HDMI(R) ports, or any combination. When deployed within the company's DL4360x DigiLink video transport chassis, the DLC105 creates a flexible 60 x 60 optical and electrical video router, a 60-port Ethernet cross-connect for DA applications, or a combination of both. Combining the DLC105 with transport and format conversion modules in the DigiLink chassis provides users with a cost- and space-effective solution for transport-centric processing and routing of broadcast quality video and Ethernet signals.

To ensure the ultimate in reliability and durability, all DigiLink chassis and modules have received NEBS certification.

Company Overview:

For more than 30 years, Artel Video Systems has been a leading global provider of broadcast-quality video transport solutions. A pioneer in the industry, Artel developed the first commercially available video-over-fiber video transport platform. With thousands of worldwide deployments, Artel's DigiLink platform is used by the world's largest telecommunication companies, CATV operators, and video service providers for mission critical primary video feeds for many of the world's most watched events.


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