OWNZONES Announces API Integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Asset Conversion

OWNZONES Media Network, an OTT EntTech company, today announced API integration between the OWNZONES Connect media logistics solution and AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

OWNZONES Connect, which is a “post house in the cloud” media logistics solution, has made heavy use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Media Services since the company’s inception.

OWNZONES is providing its expertise to Magnolia Pictures, the theatrical and home entertainment distribution arm of Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban’s 2929 Entertainment to help expand their traditional cinematic products to the over-the-top (OTT) TV market.

“Magnolia Pictures’ decision to partner with OWNZONES three years ago marked a critical turning point in their OTT business as they are no longer required to make significant investments in costly post production software and have the flexibility of scaling on demand and fill support of complex file formats,” said Aaron Sloman, Chief Technology officer for OWNZONES.

Sloman added: “Our developers have created a state of the art, forward-thinking solution that enables video providers the ability to process and deliver high quality video streams for broadcast television and multiscreen devices with the security, scalability and simplicity of cloud-based solutions and pay-as-you-go pricing. We are delighted to announce API integration with AWS and to provide our customers access to a complete digital content supply and fast, flexible access to the cloud.”

“We value OWNZONES’ technical expertise and knowledge that it has helped pave the way for us to reach a new generation of consumers,” said Magnolia Pictures’ Jeff Cuban.

“With high-speed streaming enabled by AWS Elemental MediaConvert, HD-quality controls and a future-ready cloud architecture powered by OWNZONES, Magnolia Pictures is well equipped to deliver an engaging online entertainment experience for movie lovers any time and every time.”