New Software-Defined Creation and Playout Automation for Linear, OTT and VOD from Pixel Power at NAB 2019

Booth SL7613, NAB 2019, Las Vegas Convention Center, 8 – 11 April: Pixel Power is using NAB 2019 to launch two significant, virtualizable software products to the North American market. CREATE is an application for creating graphics templates; StreamMaster PRODUCE is a solution for fulfilling and delivering graphics in real time, with a flexible architecture that supports multiple channels and multiple operators.

These new products strengthen the solution set based on Pixel Power’s two technology platforms: StreamMaster Media Processing and Gallium Workflow Orchestration. Using these technology platforms Pixel Power will demonstrate at NAB live cloud and fully integrated automation solutions for linear channel playout, OTT and VOD. Using a singular workflow and connected directly from the show floor to the AWS cloud, visitors will witness content preparation for delivery to multiple outputs, each with its own individual graphics and branding.

“Today’s broadcasters have to deliver multiple channels, on-air and on-line, each with individual branding” said James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power. “They also have to turn content around instantly for catch-up and video-on-demand services. It is simply not practical to do all this with fragmented technology: they need to take a unified, singular approach. Pixel Power gives them a platform to achieve this with scale, and that allows them to define their deliverables and workflows that precisely match their requirements.”

To meet this challenge Pixel Power, building upon a 30-year track record in automation and graphics excellence, went back to the drawing board and developed pure software-defined solutions from the ground up. At the heart of the design philosophy are two highly flexible, modular technology platforms that run on COTS hardware: StreamMaster Media Processing for video, audio and graphics processing, and Gallium Workflow Orchestration for automated asset creation or playout. Each technology platform allows individual implementations to be precisely tailored to the end user. By doing this, not only is the feature set granular but so too is the pricing model – you can even buy features on a pay-as-you-go basis.

“Only by going back to basics could we develop a platform that gave our customers the future-proof flexibility and scalability they asked for,” Gilbert added. “In a rapidly evolving market the right solution is the one the customer can trust to deliver the right content to the right output with the right branding at the right time.”

Gallium PLAYOUT is an integrated, sophisticated and scalable platform for scheduling, asset management and playout automation. In association with StreamMaster DELIVER, the integrated playout engine for linear and OTT channels, it provides a coherent, scalable and infinitely flexible solution for content delivery. The platform can be implemented in the machine room, in the data center or in the cloud – or in a hybrid of all three. This is achieved through the use of identical software virtual machines so the operator and consumer see no difference in quality, performance or functionality.

The same core platforms can deliver other rich functionality, including the new StreamMaster PRODUCE, the multi-channel, multi-operator virtualizable graphics creation and playout solution, and StreamMaster BRAND, a software-defined branding and graphics playout engine for 24/7 transmission. Gallium FACTORY is a file-based content packaging solution that automatically generates sophisticated clips, promos or trailers through the use of intelligent graphics templates, eliminating unrewarding and unproductive manual work.

“The future of media lies in finding massive efficiencies to make multi-platform delivery commercially realistic,” concluded James Gilbert. “Our unique virtualizable microservices approach makes that goal achievable. Most important, it is proven and available today.”


About Pixel Power, a Rohde & Schwarz Company

Pixel Power develops software-defined, virtualizable, solutions for broadcast playout, automation, master control, graphics & branding used in linear television channels, OTT and VOD. Our award-winning branding and promotions systems, graphics-enabled master control switchers and sophisticated switchable graphics production systems allow producers to deliver dynamic live and pre-recorded content for any SD, HD, 4k, mobile, online or interactive application.

Pixel Power has 30 years’ experience of engineering prowess and dedication to customer support that has made it the industry’s first choice in graphics, branding and playout. With more than 2500 installations worldwide, customers including market-leading broadcasters such as BBC, Ericsson, ITV, SWR, WDR, TV2 Norway, Danmarks Radio, TV5 Monde, CBC, Disney, Discovery, ESPN, ViaSat and Sky.

Recently acquired by Rohde & Schwarz GmbH, Pixel Power corporate headquarters are in Cambridge UK with regional offices in Grass Valley California and Dubai UAE.

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