LiteGear’s LiteMat Spectrum Debuts with Neutrik 10-pin XLRs and TMB Cable

Burbank, CA – June 2019… While previous versions of LiteGear’s LiteMat changed the way production professionals light their sets, the recently released LiteMat Spectrum represents a dramatic shift forward. LiteMat Spectrum takes the best attributes that have made the LiteMat line so popular and introduces an expanded Kelvin range with the ability to add accent color through the company’s patented color mixing process. The ability to manage both power and data for LiteMat Spectrum represented an unusual challenge—one that was ultimately addressed with a premium cable design engineered by TMB that uses a 10-pin XLR connector from the leader in connectivity solutions, Neutrik.

Neutrik’s 10-pin (8+2 pole) XLR connectors offer a unique ability to transmit both data and power in the standard XLR size. 8 smaller contacts are suitable for digital data transmission with Cat 5e performance. Alternatively, these smaller contacts can be used for traditional analog signaling. In addition, 2 larger contacts can transfer up to 16 A of power, up to 50 V. This enables the connectors to provide far more power than is available via PoE. The result is a unique ability to power remote devices while providing bi-directional digital or analog communication.

Al DeMayo LiteGear’s co-founder and CEO, shared his perspective on the value of Neutrik’s 10-pin XLR connector. “The 8+2 Neutrik connector we refer to as PDX is a connector-geek’s dream come true. Our latest project, LiteMat Spectrum, represents a great technological breakthrough for us. Instead of sending high-frequency pulse-width-modulation (PWM) over long cables, we send 48 volts of pure DC power along with encrypted data from the ballast to the LiteMat Spectrum head unit. This type of hybrid system is not new, but a connector suitable for the Cinema, TV, and live event markets simply did not yet exist. That is, until a colleague at TMB, Jaime Duarte, presented us a new XLR connector from the leader in XLR, Neutrik.”

“XLR connectors of many types have been the lifeblood of signal distribution in Cinema for decades,” DeMayo added. “For LiteGear, combining dedicated DC power pins with 8 data pins in an XLR housing represents the definition of future-proof. For those of us at LiteGear, this connector, which is capable of both power and data over XLR, naturally inherited the name PDX.”

Of course, the best connector in the world is only as good as the cable to which its attached, and this is where TMB’s design and engineering excellence comes into play. According to Stephanie Kilburg, TMB’s Sales Manager, “Our ProPlex PowerData LV 8+2 Hybrid Cable is designed specifically for the Neutrik 10-pin, 8+2 PDX connector—resulting in a premium, durable, tour-ready compound Data/Low-Voltage cable assembly that combines full Gigabit Ethernet performance up to 85 meters with up to 15 Amps of low-voltage power. We’re gratified that LiteGear came to TMB to help ensure the reliability and integrity of their groundbreaking LiteMat Spectrum. For permanent installations or long-term portable use, ProPlex PowerData can be used wherever Data and LV power is required. And best of all, it’s ProPlex! – backed by over 35-years of touring cable experience, exclusively from TMB.”

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