BEIJING, AUGUST 22, 2018 – FingerWorks Telestrators, the leading live telestrator for professional sports and e-sports broadcasters, is highlighting its leading telestration software at BIRTV 2018. The company’s FingerWorks VR and FingerWorks ReVu will be on display at Booth #3003, through its Asian distributor, Shanghai Sunward Information and Technology.

“FingerWorks products are ideal for any live sports production, from football and basketball to martial arts and golf, as well as tournament-style e-sport/gaming competitions,” says Bryan McKoen, owner, FingerWorks Telestrators. “Our network connectivity and multi-screen usability is ideal for collaborative play review between analysts, whether they are in the same studio or across the world. What’s more, FingerWorks’ advanced functionality affords on-screen analysis without any loss to video quality.”

The FingerWorks VR is a real-time 3D telestration software and graphics engine for virtual reality and augmented reality applications. FingerWorks VR supports all popular VR geometry and stereo formats in addition to supplying a flattened user interface that makes it simple for analysts and operators to place graphics in the VR space. The company recently added a “recall” feature to the VR solution, which enables users to preset camera positioning and graphic placement for instant recall based on which VR camera is on air. The software supports traditional SDI and IP workflows, as well as NDI streaming and 1080p 60 3G and 4K 60p formats, and allows content creators to incorporate graphics to any VR broadcast in real-time.

Using a unique three-step approach, the FingerWorks VR will undistort a 180- or 360-feed to an easy-to-manipulate view, in which graphics operators or live analysts can place assets. The software will then output this flattened, undistorted view and associated graphics to a traditional 2D broadcast allowing broadcasters to add VR cameras with pan and zoom controls without the need for headsets. The production team will then subsequently render the cameras back to original view, with the new assets incorporated for the headset stream and its associated viewers. The system is compatible with all FingerWorks Telestration tools, such as auto rosters and also allows for importing custom tools.

The FingerWorks ReVu provides real-time telestration for live sports productions. It allows live and e-sport analysts to access imported clips and backgrounds from the event, which they can control and manipulate through the user interface to show targeted playback. Examples might include an in-depth look at a team’s strategic maneuvering during a specific play, or a close-up focus of a golfer’s swing.

By merging live clips and still image ingest into one seamless operation, the FingerWorks ReVu offers an ease of operability. The software provides a customizable user interface and tools – more than 100 to select from – and supports 4K using NDI or 12G SDI streaming.

About FingerWorks Telestrators

Since 1998, FingerWorks Telestrators has defined live Telestration for professional sports broadcasters. FingerWorks enhances an analyst’s ability to reach its audience through real time touchscreen Telestration with a variety of standard and customer supplied graphic elements. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and the FingerWorks support team provides unmatched service and technical support. For more information on FingerWorks Telestrators, visit