eTribez Adds New Mobile Timecards, Purchase Orders, Invoice Management, and OnBoarding Functionalities to its Revolutionary, Cloud-Based Production Management Platform

Los Angeles, CA, November 12, 2019 – eTribez, the company behind an unprecedented, end-to-end, Cloud-based Production Management Platform called eTribez Production Management, has added four new functions to that revolutionary product: Timecards, Purchase Orders (P.O.’s), Invoice Management, and OnBoarding.

The benefits of the new eTribez platform offer producers of original content an easy-to-use, Cloud-based platform that is accessible from any device, updates in real time, and is comprised of complementary “Modules” that communicate with each other. The new platform unifies and synchronizes every aspect of the production process via one centralized solution; it is highly secure, has been ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified, and is GDPR compliant.


An important new component of the eTribez Production Management Platform is the Mobile Timecards Function, which can be found within the platform’s Finance Module. The Timecards Function gives production companies the ability to easily track working hours for their entire crew. Instead of the common approaches of using pen and paper, or cumbersome Excel files, the eTribez Mobile Timecards Function allows crew members to submit their timecards directly from any digital device.

The timecards then go through the production’s approval flow, for a quick and simple review process, and allow managers to compare timecards with daily production reports, so that any conflicts are identified right away.

The Timecards Function also supports union rules regarding working hours, meal breaks, and days off, so that any exceptions are handled automatically. Once the timecards are approved, the user of the eTribez Platform can export the data in a report to be used for the crew members’ payrolls.


Also included under the eTribez Platform’s Finance Module, the new P.O.’s and Invoice Management functions link these two elements together, with both existing within a paper-free environment. Invoices can be submitted and approved electronically, will live forever in the system, and can be approved via any device. Users will receive an alert, see the most current Invoice or P.O. that is pending, can quickly approve it, or have the ability to ask questions about it as part of a memorialized conversation. The results can then be communicated to every other relevant portion of the platform. Every aspect of the Finance Module’s offerings will work in unison with every other area.


As a function within the Production Management Platform’s Staffing & Crew Management Module, eTribez’s new OnBoarding feature serves as the mechanism through which new employees hired for each production acquire the necessary information and items needed in order to become effective members of the production. All aspects of this function can be done remotely from any device -and offers users “e-signature” functionality - by which to sign all important, and paperless, documents. The eTribez Onboarding Function allows new employees to receive, sign, and submit any and all forms required by the company’s Human Resources department – deal memos, dates of employment, confirmation of their roles, payrates and payroll information, tax forms, I-9’s, etc. The process also ensures that each new employee receives all necessary items required for successful fulfillment of their new positions, including keys, handbooks, parking passes, computers, cell phones, etc.

The eTribez Production Management Platform’s two new Modules join these previously existing Modules:

** Production Planning: The new platform’s powerful planning tools help producers manage their long-term timeline and day-to-day activities. These tools include building a general timeline, creating a day-to-day planning calendar, and setting up a detailed shooting plan, breakdown, stripboard, call sheets, daily reports, and time tracking.

** Staffing & Crew Management: The eTribez’ Staff & Crew Management Module is a powerful tool designed to help producers manage the recruitment, contracting, assignment and onboarding of crew members, along with their management in the Catalog and within each production. The module allows for easy organization and structure of each production’s staff - and can help assign crew members to production roles. Each production structure can quickly be built from templates or previous productions – and allows for the definition of units, departments and roles. The online staffing module allows the production team to fully manage the hiring, negotiations, contracting and staffing process of the production crew – all from one convenient, cloud-based location.

** Casting and Cast Management: The Casting and Cast Management module provides a turnkey, fully customized solution for managing each production’s cast, from the casting process to cast management, for any number of candidates. The module offers powerful tools such as visual casting boards and rich media profiles, in which producers can easily post and share casting calls with casting agents, and can receive talent applications and manage auditions, shortlists and final decisions.

** Scheduling: This module offers a complete filming scheduling solution for any type of production.

** Resource Management: This new module helps producers scout, manage and track all physical assets – including locations, equipment, production items, wardrobe, vehicles, and animals – associated with each production set. Producers can manage the scouting, contracting, and assignment of locations, and can add location data such as general info, location maps with Google Maps integration, rates, photos location videos, and more. Location plans, which are managed in the Account Catalog for each individual production, can each be designated as unscripted or scripted TV, or Film, in which case the location plan will be automatically connected to the Script Breakdown and Stripboard within the eTribez platform.

Also, under the Resource Management Module, physical assets for every production can be stored and maintained through a catalog that includes technical information, pictures, reviews and notes for each resource – all of which can be easily accessed by authorized people in each production. The module allows for the easy planning, tracking and management of all aspects of filming schedules, from script breakdowns to filming stripboards. Producers can create detailed scene breakdowns to include any required elements and resources, using an intuitive online solution accessible at any time from the office or the set.


With offices in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and London, eTribez is a world leader in providing comprehensive digital solutions for the Casting and Production of scripted and non-scripted content for today’s entertainment, broadcasting, promo, and advertising industries.

Since 2012, eTribez has provided its unique, Cloud-based Casting and Audience Engagement solution to major TV industry clients based in 20 territories around the world – these include ITV Studios, Fremantle Media, Endemol Shine Group, FOX, WB, Sony Pictures Television, the BBC, Canal +, NBC, Univision, Televisa, MTV, TV Globo, RTL, and many others, in such locations as the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. Utilizing the eTribez Casting solution, these top entities have produced over 300 non-scripted TV series, including such hit global TV formats as Big Brother, Idol, Got Talent, Survivor, The Voice, The Amazing Race, MasterChef, The Chase, and many others.

In 2019, eTribez launched its unprecedented Production Management platform - a revolutionary, end-to-end, Cloud-based platform that allows production executives the ability to gain more control - and obtain immediate, real-time data – for all of their production activities, even across multiple and concurrent productions, by providing easy oversight of all production operations and resources. The GDPR-compliant Production Management platform, designed as a full ERP for Studios and production companies for TV and Films, effectively manages, in one secure online location, all of the planning, budgeting, scheduling, resource management, staffing, and casting requirements necessary to ensure successful, cost-efficient productions.

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