Cobalt Iron Adaptive Data Protection Automates, Optimizes, and Orchestrates Data Protection Technologies

LAWRENCE, Kan. — July 25, 2019 — Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based data protection, is simplifying the task of managing multiple storage and data protection technologies with the company's Adaptive Data Protection™ platform. Through automation, continual analytics-based optimization, and orchestration of technologies and operations, the Cobalt Iron Adaptive Data Protection platform delivers a unified enterprise data protection experience.

"Instead of dealing separately with the thousands of features, knobs, and levers of multiple storage and backup technologies, data administrators working with Cobalt Iron Adaptive Data Protection can efficiently and cost-effectively leverage those technologies through a unified experience," said Greg Tevis, vice president of strategy at Cobalt Iron. "No longer distracted by the ongoing demands of different technologies, Adaptive Data Protection users can maintain their focus on business service levels."

Vendors in the highly competitive storage and data protection market continue to deliver new features, simpler product interfaces, and other technology options, but each of these technologies has its own interfaces — graphical user interfaces (GUIs), application programming interfaces (APIs), command line interfaces (CLIs), industry standard protocols and interfaces, and more.

Server, storage, networking, converged hardware, and backup products all come with their own associated capabilities, software, and tools; the business applications that need their data protected have their own capabilities, interfaces, and tools for management; and cloud services add further capabilities and management tools to the mix. As a result, data administrators face a morass of operational complexities, underutilized and unoptimized infrastructure, silos of management, and soaring costs for data management and backup that collide with limited IT budgets.

"Adaptive Data Protection allows effective leveraging and optimization of technologies while saving companies money," added Tevis. "It transforms complex backup infrastructure and operations into a first-class IT service."

In addition to automating most of the maintenance and operational tasks associated with storage and data protection technologies, Adaptive Data Protection continually analyzes and optimizes both infrastructure technologies as well as operations, resulting in improved utilization of resources and reduced costs. The platform orchestrates myriad technologies and presents the administrator with a single unified data protection experience for workloads and technologies wherever they may be.

The Adaptive Data Protection platform is unique in enabling orchestration across data protection systems, and Cobalt Iron continues to expand its automation and orchestration of various data protection technologies, including on-premises and cloud snapshotting techniques.

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About Cobalt Iron 

Cobalt Iron is the global leader in SaaS-based enterprise data protection. The company was founded in 2013 to fundamentally change the way the world thinks about data protection. Through analytics and automation, Cobalt Iron enables enterprises to transform and optimize legacy backup solutions into a simple cloud-based architecture. By leveraging the cloud, Cobalt Iron reduces overall capex by more than 50 percent while eliminating backup failures and inefficiencies. Processing more than 7 million jobs a month for customers in 44 countries, Cobalt Iron delivers modern enterprise data protection for enterprise customers.

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