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New BLAM features allow media businesses to create bespoke operational management systems.

Blue Lucy’s media operations management software, BLAM, is undergoing a redesign that includes a user interface refresh and significant updates to the API to make it even easier for media businesses to integrate BLAM with their existing infrastructures and create bespoke operational management systems. The new features will be showcased at NAB 2018 ahead of a Q3 release.

To date, most BLAM integration and bespoke developments have been undertaken by the company’s systems integration team, despite the availability of an “off-the-shelf” software development kit. To support a growing demand for developer ‘self-service,’ Blue Lucy is overhauling the BLAM API to make it even simpler to code against. The update will ensure that BLAM conforms to the OpenAPI specification, providing a machine-readable interface to its RESTful API. This globally-recognised standard facilitates documentation, code generation and testing. Both the BLAM SDK and OEM models will benefit from the update which uses well established constructs to simplify customisation and enable rapid application development.

As pioneers of design-first API, Blue Lucy’s upgrade of BLAM’s API has prompted a redesign of the current BLAM UI, which dates back to 2012. The new, more modern, interface has the ability to simply switch from day (or desktop) to night (or edit) mode and features dockable panes which users can arrange to create customised dashboard displays. While the new BLAM interface will continue to deliver an intuitive and simplified user experience, the real focus is on providing clear management information to support ever-changing operational requirements.

“We have seen a marked increase in interest in the BLAM SDK in recent months, which has driven our continued, and significant, investment in this area,” said Blue Lucy founder, Julian Wright. “The API upgrade and interface redesign will allow system integrators and media organisations to deliver workflow efficiencies and business insights by building bespoke operational management solutions on the BLAM core.”

See the new BLAM in action - visit Blue Lucy at NAB Show booth SL5025c from 9 to 12 April 2018.

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About Blue Lucy

Blue Lucy is a leading technology consultancy and media operations management software development agency. The company is led by a team of industry experts that service international clients with a business-orientated approach to technology. Its core product –the Blue Lucy Asset Manager (BLAM) - is a media management toolset which provides asset and workflow management through a simplified browser-based interface.