Digital Alert Systems at the 2018 NAB Show

2018 NAB Show Product Preview

Digital Alert Systems

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Digital Alert Systems at the 2018 NAB Show

New! HALO, Industry's First Enterprise-wide EAS Management System 

The 2018 NAB Show will mark the debut of Digital Alert Systems' HALO, a one-of-a-kind, highly specialized management system capable of overseeing all encoders/decoders and facilitating command of all connected EAS devices in an enterprise. This web-based, enterprise-wide tool forms a single aggregation point through which multiple users can oversee the health and status of each EAS device, alert key personnel of critical changes, centralize configuration settings, manage software updates, and consolidate FCC-mandated test results for easier EAS Test Result System (ETRS) filings.

HALO combines operations and compliance in one configuration control, EAS log-reporting, and error/alarm-monitoring program — thereby providing unparalleled insight and control of a company's entire EAS infrastructure. By bringing together all EAS-related processes, HALO reduces complexity and duplicate efforts, which in turn reduces potential errors. More importantly, it decreases the time and resources spent on EAS-related matters, increasing efficiencies and making it easier to proactively address any potential compliance or subscriber issues.

New! EAS-Net™ Advanced Emergency Alerting (AEA) Module for ATSC 3.0

At the 2018 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems will preview its new ATSC 3.0-oriented advanced emergency information module, an optional advanced emergency alerting (AEA) upgrade for the industry-leading DASDEC™ emergency messaging platform.

The EAS-Net AEA module will both aggregate content (messages, multimedia) from outside sources and generate a station's own messaging, all for transmission to AEA-enabled applications on ATSC 3.0 receivers. Adding the new EAS-Net™ AEA module to a DASDEC unit lets stations seamlessly integrate AEA capabilities into the next-generation TV standard — making it possible to reach targeted audiences in new ways with more detailed urgent and emergency messages and information, thereby adding another layer of value to the ATSC 3.0 experience. By driving the rich capabilities envisioned under the ATSC 3.0 standard by groups like AWARN, the DASDEC's new EAS-Net AEA feature will enable next-level urgent communications from stations to audiences — with text, graphics, audio, and other advanced multimedia features — that provide a more interactive way of communicating emergency information that goes far beyond basic EAS. For example, stations will be able to wake up viewers' displays for important alerts.

Digital Alert Systems was instrumental in developing the AEA specification adopted within the ATSC 3.0 standard, and the DASDEC's EAS-Net AEA option is the first ATSC 3.0 AEA offering in the industry.

New! DASDEC™ Version 4.0 Software Upgrade

At the 2018 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems will highlight its new DASDEC™ Version 4.0 software upgrade for advanced Emergency Alert Systems/Common Alerting Protocol (EAS/CAP) compliance. The latest software iteration for the award-winning DASDEC-II platform has new security features under the hood and striking user-interface improvements. To complement the security and interface upgrades, Digital Alert Systems has added support for AEA and the new HALO enterprise-wide EAS management system. The software upgrade also includes the latest compliance additions for the BLU event code and others. Version 4.0 will be available to all current DASDEC-II customers for a nominal upgrade fee.

Other Digital Alert Systems Products at the 2018 NAB Show:

DASEOC M Series Fully Integrated EAS and CAP Decoder and Encoder

Digital Alert Systems' DASEOC M series is the only fully integrated Emergency Alert Systems/Common Alerting Protocol (EAS/CAP) equipment capable of providing all four EAS and CAP functions simultaneously: CAP message origination, EAS encoding, CAP monitoring, and EAS decoding. Simultaneous alert origination to both EAS and CAP servers means that emergency managers need just one device to do it all.

DASDEC™-II Emergency Messaging Platform

On hand at the 2018 NAB Show will be Digital Alert Systems' DASDEC™-II, a flexible platform for emergency alert and Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) message management in a fully integrated package. The DASDEC-II system includes full support for automatic FCC compliance and is easier than ever to integrate with a wide variety of new and existing third-party equipment. Flexible packaging allows for various model configurations, ranging from low-cost decoder-only setups to sophisticated messaging platforms tailored to the most demanding multichannel, multiple-interface applications.

MultiPlayer™ Four-Channel Audio Player and Program Switcher

The award-winning MultiPlayer™ four-channel audio player and program switcher provides multiple and completely independent switching, playout, and control functions to meet multiple Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) program stream requirements and 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) channel management.

Company Quote:

"Digital Alert Systems has been heavily involved in developing ATSC 3.0's Advanced Emergency Alerting specification and are pleased to showcase this development at NAB with other ATSC member companies. Our first-in-the-industry EAS-Net AEA Module for ATSC 3.0 is a simple and affordable must-have tool for any ATSC 3.0 station because it will help broadcasters leverage ATSC 3.0 to boost their emergency communications with viewers. Meanwhile, the unprecedented HALO system offers an enterprise view of a group's EAS equipment and provides the quickest way to pull it all together. And our Version 4.0 DASDEC software accommodates even better controls and security constraints in today's security-conscious environments. We encourage NAB visitors to come see these and other products at our booth."

— Bill Robertson, Vice President of Business Development for Digital Alert Systems

Company Overview:

Digital Alert Systems is a leading innovator of next-generation emergency communication systems, including Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) solutions. Formed in October 2003, the company merged with Monroe Electronics Inc. in October 2009. Based in Lyndonville, New York, Monroe Electronics has a world-renowned track record in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and customer service for both the Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems brands. The company continues to retain its hard-earned reputation for quality, reliability, innovation, and service to valued customers around the world. More information is available at

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Digital Alert Systems' HALO Industry-First Enterprise-Wide EAS Management System

Digital Alert Systems' DASEOC M Series Fully Integrated EAS and CAP Decoder and Encoder

Digital Alert Systems' DASDEC™-II Emergency Messaging Platform

Digital Alert Systems' MultiPlayer™ Four-Channel EAS Audio Player and Program Switcher

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