Pebble Beach Systems Showcases Virtualized Playout at 2017 SMPTE Conference

Weybridge, UK and Broomfield, CO., USA, October 10th, 2017 – At the SMPTE 2017 annual technical conference & exhibition, on booth #410, Pebble Beach Systems, a leading automation, content management and integrated channel specialist, will discuss how its virtualized playout technology is now extending its reach into high value live, reactive channels and latency-sensitive applications.

Thanks to its recently-announced integration with the NDIÒ IP video standard, Pebble is now able to provide low-latency confidence monitoring for its virtualized Orca software-defined integrated channel solution. This development removes objectionable monitoring delays that can be inherent to real-time video over IP virtualized workflows and increases Orca’s suitability for the playout of high value live, reactive channels and latency-sensitive applications.

NDIÒ provides a low-latency, light-weight, frame accurate video protocol, giving Pebble’s customers less than one frame of delay when confidence monitoring channel-in-a-box (Ciab) or virtualized playout systems over an IP network.

Visitors to the Pebble booth will also discover the company’s powerful Lighthouse web-based remote management and monitoring dashboard for the Marina automation platform

Lighthouse extends Marina’s functionality to business users, operational staff and engineers both inside and outside the broadcast facility. As Pebble’s product portfolio expands into the virtual world, Lighthouse offers a series of interfaces which deliver con?guration and deployment functionality for Orca virtual channels. Using the new design and deployment tools, Lighthouse users can quickly and easily design, edit, launch and decommission virtual IP channels on the fly.

It also offers control, monitoring, media management, and system con?guration tools via an array of widgets on con?gurable web-based dashboards, with the ability to aggregate data across multiple sites.

“Following our participation in the largest ever IP Showcase at IBC last month, and hot on the heels of the recent approval of ST2110 standards for professional media over managed IP networks, we are excited to once again be a part of this event and discuss the future of the media and entertainment technology with some of the brightest minds in our industry,” said Eric Openshaw, General Manager at Pebble Broadcast Systems.

Together with Telestream’s Director of Enterprise Strategy, Jim Duval, Eric Openshaw will co-present a paper on “Automating Digital Asset Production with SCTE Messages” on Thursday 26th October at 09:30, in Salon 1 at the venue.

“Content production networks often produce up to 70 different variants of each program asset to meet obligations to a growing number of distribution partners. Today this process is often very inefficient and costly. However, by adopting generic but very granular in-band signaling using SCTE-104/35 standards at origination, it is possible to automate the extraction, formatting and branding of assets to meet these various requirements in a way that requires less customization of implementations, and fewer interoperability challenges,” explained Openshaw.