Avlex and MIPRO Introduce the TA-80 Digital Plug-On Transmitter

Kansas City, MO – September 2017… Avlex Corporation, the North American distributor of MIPRO products and the name audio professionals turn to for world-class wireless technology and microphones, introduces the TA-80 Digital Plug-On Transmitter. The TA-80 is a true digital wideband wireless plug-on transmitter designed for secure, crystal-clear, and interference free communication. Equipped with a balanced XLR mic input jack, the TA-80 is designed for a wide range of applications, including use with measurement microphones, condenser / dynamic wired microphones, recording microphones, and musical instrument microphones. The unit is compatible with all MIPRO ACT-8 Series receivers.

Designed to accommodate high-end condenser microphones, the new TA-80 has 8 gain levels and offers selectable 12 V or 48 V (at 10 mA maximum) Phantom Power, which can be switched off for use with dynamic microphones. This transmitter has a flat and wide 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz frequency response, ultra-low THD and noise floor, fast transient response, strong anti-interference capability, and a high S/N ratio. These attributes make the TA-80 an ideal solution for eliminating tangled microphone cables and the deterioration of analog transmission characteristics prevalent in many live sound environments.

The TA-80’s green backlit LCD clearly displays all operation parameters and its high-capacity lithium battery facilitates 5 to 8 hours of continuous use per charge. The TA-80 has reverse polarity protection and battery replacement is quick and easy. The transmitter can be recharged by dropping either the entire transmitter or just its single battery cell into the MP-80 intelligent charger.

Fred Canning, National Sales Manager for Avlex Corporation, commented on the new MIPRO TA-80 Digital Plug-On Transmitter, “The MIPRO TA-80 turns any microphone into a true digital wireless system—producing the full frequency response and natural sound of any premium wired microphone while offering significant improvement over the traditional characteristics of analog wireless systems. Thanks to its switchable Phantom power capability, it is the right tool for use with premium condenser or dynamic microphones in any professional application. It is also extremely well suited for use as a venue acoustic measurement tool. MIPRO’s TA-80 is a great choice for maximizing overall sound quality and performance while eliminating cable clutter.”

The MIPRO TA-80 Digital Plug-On Transmitter carries an MSRP of $695.00. The MP-80 intelligent charger is included with a Rx/Tx system purchase and can be individually purchased at an MSRP of $170.00. Availability: now.

About Avlex Corporation

Avlex Corporation is a leading supplier of high quality, feature rich, and competitively priced professional audio products. The Avlex, Superlux, and MIPRO brands of microphones, wireless systems, electronics, and accessories are available through independent dealers and contractors nationwide. For additional information on Avlex Corporation, visit the company online at www.avlex.com.


Photo Information: MIPRO’s new TA-80 Digital Plug-On Transmitter