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Streamstar® Sets a New Standard for Live Streaming Production with Upgraded Software, Again!

Redwood, California -- Streamstar®, the industry’s trendsetting developer of advanced live production and streaming tools, has set a new and higher standard by bringing a host of brilliant new features to its live streaming and production software. The Company has announced the release of SW 4.0, designed to achieve smarter, faster, easier and more efficient operation, especially in sports streaming. The new version will be demonstrated during NAB in Streamstar’s Booth # SL6124.

Known for its game-changing design that shattered traditionally complicated streaming systems with a fresh, affordable and intelligent platform, Streamstar now goes even further with a major software update featuring an amazing redesigned GUI for maximized viewing and optimized controls making SW 4.0, unmatched by any other product on the market.

“Streamstar’s platform has become the standard bearer for serious live stream productions, specifically live sports streaming,” says Radoslav Toth, Streamstar CEO. ”Now we have raised the bar even higher and included a feature-rich GUI, integrated automated PTZ control of up to six cameras, plus numerous other remarkable and powerful features. We are so excited to introduce our new software to the market at NAB 2017. The best in the business just got better!”

New features include:

Redesigned GUI

The centerpiece of SW 4.0 is an outstanding redesigned GUI that includes significantly larger program out and camera preview windows for improved visual style and easier operation.

Smart PTZ control

Streamstar’s extremely efficient and flexible multi-camera production just got even easier and more affordable. SW 4.0 unleashes unlimited possibilities by integrating automated remote control of up to six JVC PTZ cameras over IP. Multiple camera presets along with creation of camera groups with group presets, scenes and an intuitive and easy operation will elevate live productions to a whole new level.

Media editing with IN/OUT points

Now playback in/out points can be set to quickly and non-destructively edit media files from within the Streamstar software; files are available for playback instantly without transcoding.

Freeze Frame in Replays

Unique in the industry and a great addition to Streamstar’s legendary and innovative replay system, this feature freezes the replay playback and stops the action at the exact frame to highlight a key moment in the game.

NDI output

Connect the Streamstar output to any NDI enabled device to optimize the existing workflow.


Simultaneously stream to multiple destinations, like the JVC VIDEOCLOUD, YouTube Facebook, Dally Motion and others.

SW 4.0 will be available immediately following NAB and is free for all existing customers.

About Streamstar

Streamstar, established in 2005, is a trailblazing technology company specializing in quality, innovative software and hardware tools for the streaming video industry.Production companies and channels around the globe rely on the company’s products to deliver real‐time, high‐quality content to millions of viewers.

For more information:

Streamstar contact:

Name: Radoslav Toth


Tel US: US: 650-294-9918

Tel Europe: EU: +421 915 876 597