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NAB 2017: Snell Advanced Media Introduces SAM VIBE

Snell Advanced Media is pleased to announce the launch of SAM VIBE, its new realtime News and Sports production solution. SAM VIBE has the fastest workflows to enable a single team to create and deliver high quality News and Sports content to Social Media, the Web and TV. SAM VIBE combines the agility of SAM’s sQ Servers with the flexibility of standard IT storage for a fully scalable platform. The solution is to be demonstrated on SAM’s NAB booth SL1805.

In today’s media driven world, where mobile devices are increasingly used for content consumption, the ability to turn news stories and programs around quickly, and from a single production team, is essential for competitive advantage. Not only that, but user-generated news content is now part of the production fabric, and SAM VIBE allows input from any device to reach multiple destinations first.

Neil Maycock, EVP and General Manager, Media Software Solutions at SAM commented, “In the past decade mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have revolutionized the way consumers view content. Watching TV, especially news and sports, has evolved from a fixed pastime into an on-the-go, mobile occurrence where consumers are in control. The challenge for content providers is to meet this demand for content anywhere while keeping quality at a premium. SAM VIBE facilitates this by offering a flexible, cost-effective system that delivers a tightly integrated single platform approach to creating and distributing content rapidly so that it reaches every screen first. This is truly a modern platform for efficient news delivery.”

The SAM VIBE real-time production solution is a scalable combination of media storage, production tools, and a fully customizable workflow engine. The solution utilizes standard IT storage and SAM’s sQ servers and is governed by the VIBE Core, a unified orchestration layer, which manages and controls media wherever it resides. All content is stored and maintained in its original format. Packaging and delivery is fully automated for consistent, high-quality output.

SAM VIBE offers three types of user interfaces:
•Creative applications — a choice of SAM’s Rio editor or Adobe Premiere •Browser-based editing — the SAM Go! editor for use in the studio or anywhere with an Internet connection •PAM (production asset management) tools — including ingest, media management and publishing control.

Maycock adds, “We built SAM VIBE for the speed of the web and based on the technology of the web so that it delivers a unique combination of high production value and editorial intelligence. With this breakthrough solution, our customers get a unified system that places any content in front of their audience rapidly and reliably anytime and anywhere.”