TMD reorganises to drive global business growth

TMD, the leading provider of management systems for digital and physical assets, is meeting continued strong growth throughout the world with a positive refocusing of its senior management team. This sees the company’s founder and existing directors take on new roles.

Founder of TMD Tony Taylor now becomes Executive Chairman. In this role he will focus on strategic growth and relationships with key customers to ensure they are served by the best technology and implementation services. Current Chief Product Officer Carlton Smith takes over as CEO and he will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the company.

“Technologically, I believe we are the best in the world,” said Tony Taylor. “Our workflow engine is the best on the market by far; our latest software platform Mediaflex-UMS is winning major clients; and our cloud offering is recognised as providing real operational and economic benefits for practical implementations.

“With all this happening, and customers all over the world, it was time to refocus our top team,” Taylor added. “Carlton has been with TMD almost from the start, and through his work on some of our biggest projects, he has an unrivalled understanding of what real-world users need when managing and processing their digital and physical assets. As CEO, he is going to be driving the company forward, freeing me to take the strategic overview, ensuring we remain the strongest solutions in the market.”

As CEO, Carlton will strengthen the executive and operational management teams, working closely with Justin Elkerton as COO and Jon Maynard as CTO. Paul Wilkins joins the operational team, taking on product management in his role as Director of Solutions and Marketing and Alex Sibilev continues as Chief Architect.

“We are already successful in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region,” said Smith. “We have offices in the USA and Australia as well as the UK. These centres allow us to get closer to the market, and ensure we are ideally placed to drive the business forward not only geographically, but into related markets too. This reorganisation means our top team – who really understand what we are doing – stay close to the business, the technology, and most important, our customers.”