Video Clarity at SMPTE 2016

SMPTE 2016 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE 2016)

Oct. 25-27

Video Clarity 

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ClearView Venue Player

At SMPTE 2016 Video Clarity will demonstrate the new ClearView Venue Player, a video server that automatically plays multiple uncompressed segments of content to multiple screens in precise timing and sequence. Video Clarity's first product in the entertainment-playback market, the ClearView Venue Player is designed for amusement and theme parks, museums, live events, staged shows, and other environments that rely on repeated, synchronized video playback for entertainment and display.

The ClearView Venue Player supports up to eight programmable HD-SDI outputs, up to two programmable quad-SDI UHD streams, up to four HD outputs, or one UHD output -- all from a single 1-RU package. The compact unit is available with up to 12 terabytes of storage, allowing hours of playout of uncompressed YCbCr 10-bit video and 16 channels of embedded audio. Advanced synchronization software lets users to program segments to play from multiple Venue Players according to specific timing and order of recall, and synchronized with devices and effects.

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Major Product Update: RTM 3.0 Real-Time Audio/Video Monitor

SMPTE 2016 attendees will see three major updates to Video Clarity's RTM real-time audio and video monitoring solution, that increase the product's value at no extra cost. First, RTM 3.0 now includes MPEG transport stream (TS) recording, whereby RTM records out-of-threshold uncompressed video and audio and simultaneously captures the same error segments in the corresponding transport streams. Another improvement is IP-network packet-loss monitoring. With this feature, RTM 3.0 continuously monitors the attached video network to assess network conditions and graphs the results so that users can immediately see the effects of any packet loss on video quality -- which in turn might influence the RTM score and the error recordings being saved. In general, the new TS record and IP packet-loss monitoring features help users determine if errors are rooted in either the MPEG transport layer or the IP network.

Finally, RTM 3.0 now has built-in uncompressed video playback while monitoring and testing is underway, meaning that RTM can play full-HD video to the device or network under test at the same time it is comparing that video to its downstream processed version. It also provides an independent record function for ingesting video sequences that, after recording, may be played at the time of the RTM test routine. The new play and record functions eliminate the need for extra player hardware, saving users money and space.

ClearView 8.4

On display at SMPTE 2016 will be ClearView 8.4, the latest update to Video Clarity's ClearView line of video quality analyzers. In version 8.4, ClearView 4K and 8K systems now provide new color-space-capable pictures as prescribed by ITU-R BT.2020, as well as support for high dynamic range (HDR). With these changes, the ClearView 4K and 8K systems are the first on the market to interactively show side-by-side 4K or 8K pictures in native ITU-R R BT.2020 color space and to allow comparison of HDR video in that color space. 

To complement ClearView 8.4's color-space and HDR capabilities, the system also includes ClearView WFM software. ClearView WFM actively reads and tests any imported or recorded video file to help users understand input or output signal parameters as generated by waveform, color vector, and chromaticity charts.

ClearView 8.4 will benefit both program originators and manufacturers of encoding and digital video-processing products, all of which must be able to study the visual and perceptual differences that result from enhanced color space and HDR as they move from HD to UHD resolutions.

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Video Clarity Inc. provides audio and video quality assessment and analysis systems for researchers, broadcasters, equipment vendors, and entertainment distribution engineers that must continually measure the quality of their products and services. Propelled by market-leading technology, Video Clarity solutions have been adopted the world over by major media networks such as NBCUniversal and BSkyB; leading broadcast-product manufacturers such as Cisco and Harmonic; and educational, government, and research organizations such as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the U.S. Army, and NASA. Video Clarity was founded in 2003, with headquarters in Campbell, California, and distribution worldwide. Additional information is available at

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