Macnica at SMPTE 2016

SMPTE 2016 Show Preview


Exhibiting in Booth 5 With PacketStorm Communications

Macnica FPGA IP Cores for 4K Video Transmission Using TICO Compression

At SMPTE 2016, Macnica will demonstrate transmission of lightly compressed 4K video using Video Clarity's RTM 4K real-time monitor for video quality measurement. Macnica Technology will showcase its integration of intoPIX's TICO light compression into Macnica's FPGA IP core for video transport, allowing a 4K video stream to be transmitted over a 10G IP network. 

Hitless Diversity (ST2022-7) Demonstration Using PacketStorm's 6XG Network Emulator

In another SMPTE 2016 demo, Macnica will show their hitless diversity (fully redundant links) intellectual property. PacketStorm's 6XG Network emulator will inject packet delay, jitter, and packet loss. Macnica's SMPTE-2022-7-based intellectual property will recover clean video from this heavily impaired IP link.

ST2110 (TR-03) Demonstration

Macnica's third demonstration at SMPTE 2016 will transport RFC 4175 video and AES67 audio over a 10G IP link. Macnica recently participated in the IP Interoperability Zone at IBC2016 using its SMPTE-2110-based intellectual property.

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Photo Caption: Macnica in the IP Interoperability Zone at IBC 2016


"Macnica is privileged to be closely involved in efforts to develop the SMPTE open interoperability standard for IP video transport. At SMPTE 2016, we're looking forward to showing attendees how Macnica's advanced IP transport technologies can smooth the way to reliable and error-free IP video operations."

-- John Burton, President, Macnica

Company Overview:

Macnica offers products that implement the industry-defined standards for moving live, high-definition video over standard IP (Ethernet) networks. Macnica leverages its video and high-speed networking expertise to develop superior products and intellectual property for the broadcast, pro A/V, and high-speed networking industries.