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The World's Open Source Modulator Board Will Be Launched In the Near Future

The world’s first modulator development board, MSUES, will be launched on the Kickstarter platform in the near future. The all new concept development board will change your impression of the head-end products, and you will find that the modulator devices can be applied in our daily lives. This is an innovative platform, and no similar products can be found elsewhere. Build your own digital TV broadcaster, with no distance restriction and extra receiver, you can play any video you want on Digital TV.

The project will start in October early. V-Bridge prepare three kinds of modulator product packages, and you can depend on your demand to choose. Three product packages include the “Basic”, “Standard” and “Turnkey”. The basic package is the low cost solution, it supports USB and TS interfaces input. Standard package uses the VATek’s high integration ENMODER B2 chip, it built in the FHD hardware encoder, therefore, it can receive HDMI, AV composite and others uncompressed data. Turnkey package is the standard alone device, it’s a simple plug and play solution. We provide the early bird discount with turnkey package, and you can use the less money to purchase it.

MUSES is a unique development board, it provides the high quality and cost efficient DTV broadcaster. We will keep you updated on progress, please follow us to get the latest news.