GatesAir Launches IP-Native Air-Cooled Transmitter Range at IBC2016

CINCINNATI, August 30, 2016— GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, will launch its first transmitter range with native IP capability at IBC2016.Branded as Maxiva™ UAXTE, this new range of air-cooled UHF transmitters brings instant adaptability and enhanced flexibility to the broadcast industry’s latest over-the-air DTV standards (ATSC, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-Tb), that benefit from the flexibility of IP networking and connectivity. Likewise, its software-defined modulation allows seamless migration to future digital TV standards worldwide, including the emerging ATSC 3.0 modulation.

To enable native IP capability, the Maxiva UAXTE directly integrates GatesAir’s latest high-performance modulator from the recently-releasedMaxiva XTE exciter into its architecture. This eliminates the need to retrofit previous-generation Maxiva air-cooled transmitters with additional gear to enable network connectivity, giving broadcasters an out-of-the-box solution to simplify the input and output of multimedia services via a local- or wide-area IP network. 

The high-efficiency architecture of the UAXTE, based on the GatesAirPowerSmart® Plus architecture with broadband amplification for lower operational costs, reduced energy use and fewer internal parts, is further enhanced by optimization of the power amplification stage.Beyond enabling native IP connectivity and reducing componentry, the XTE modulator integration deliversa dramatic increase in digital signal processing capability, using the latest CPU processing technology based on Advanced RISC Machines (ARM); and state-of-the-art FGPAs. The improved processing power correlates directly to enhanced real-time adaptive correction capabilities in the XTE modulator’sbuilt-in, proprietaryGatesAir RTAC™ software. The result is improved system performance, due to superior active signal pre-correction over a wider range of non-linear amplifier characteristics. The ultimate result is improved over-the-air reception for DTV consumers. 

The UAXTE design also breaks ground with an integrated, unified control system that eliminates the standard practice of a separate user interface for the exciter and transmitter. By centralizing control functionality into a single, modernized user interface, engineers can more easily control all settings and parameters. This includes a simplified status page to easily monitor system health at a glance, and a more rationalized, uncluttered event and alarm log.

“Since unveiling our high-performance Maxiva XTE exciter at IBC2015, our engineering team has been working toward a solution that would directly incorporate the benefits of IP networking and significantly improved processing power directly into our high-efficiency air-cooled transmitters,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir. “The UAXTE design achieves this while introducing next-gen signal correction and new control and monitoring efficiencies that further enhance reliability and performance for DTV broadcasters worldwide.” 

The UAXTE platform also extends Maxiva air-cooled transmitter power levels to new heights with the UAXTE-24 and UAXTE-32 models. The UAXTE-24 provides broadcasters with 12kW of OFDM power (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T) and 21.6kW of ATSC power, while the UAXTE-32 delivers 16kW of OFDM power and 28.8kW of ATSC power. The UAXTE demonstration will complement several advanced application demonstrations on the GatesAir stand (8.C30), including an overview of ATSC 3.0 features and keypoints called “What is ATSC 3.0?”. That video can also be viewed here in advance of the show, which takes place September 9-13 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam.

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