Platinum Blondes now available for rentals in L.A.

Platinum Blondes now available for rentals in L.A. 

Chico, CA, July 27th, 2016 – Photon Beard announced today that they have concluded an agreement with FM Grip & Lighting Inc. in San Fernando to rent out Photon Beard’s Platinum Blondes – a 1,200 Watt HMI in the familiar and well-loved package of a traditional Blonde. FM Grip will be providing full kits, including the highly rated Power Gems high-speed ballasts.

The Platinum Blonde fills a niche for a high output Daylight source without the size, weight and cost normally associated with HMI fixtures. Usable in a wide variety of applications, it is particularly effective as a bounce light.

Pete Challinger, VP of US Operations for Photon Beard, said “at the Cinegear show recently we got great reactions from Gaffers and crew and they all wanted to know who they could rent from locally so I started talking to Fabian Muga (Gaffer and owner of FM Grip) about adding them to his rental inventory. I’m happy to say we’re now ready to go.”

For information about rental rates and availability contact Fabian directly and for more details on the lights themselves contact Photon Beard.

About Photon Beard Ltd.

A small UK based lighting supplier, Photon Beard is by far the oldest company in the entertainment lighting space, going all the way back to 1882. Offering a full range of lighting for both studio and location work in film and television, they can be found on the web at

About FM Grip & Lighting Inc.

Providing high quality equipment, and outstanding and professional customer service, FM Grip offers a wide selection of pre-loaded grip trucks, most major lighting brands, generators, camera, grip and production equipment, making a very convenient one-stop-shop to save clients valuable time and money. With the best quality equipment at an affordable price, plus a guarantee to offer service 24/7, the goal is to make every production run as smoothly and easily as possible.


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