Globosat Teams Up With SAM to Broadcast 2016 Olympic Games

Snell Advanced Media today announced that Globosat, Brazil’s top multichannel cable and satellite TV service, has added two Kahuna 9600 switchers to its control room to deliver the highest quality HD coverage of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. SporTV, SporTV2, SporTV3 and SporTV4 will all leverage the Kahuna switcher to manage Globosat’s production of the Olympic Games in August 2016.

Globosat turned to SAM for its production switcher due to the highly sophisticated nature of the production involved in broadcasting the 2016 Games in its home country. With Kahuna, Globosat has the ability to incorporate mixed signals and seamlessly output HD on four channels. The other main driver for Globosat is that Kahuna can manage IP inputs, which is crucial as Globosat is going to use IP links to bring in more than 90 signals from the numerous event locations throughout the country as well as from its headquarters.

Lourenço Carvano, Diretor de Engenharia at Globosat commented, “Not having a strategy in place ahead of the Olympics would be a huge risk. We recognize that investing in SAM’s Kahuna switcher ahead of the games meant we were getting future-proof technology that will not only payoff during an imminent event like the Olympics, but offer us a long-term solution for any other challenges we might encounter down the road. Not having the Kahuna would have been a bigger risk.”

Felipe Andrade, Regional Sales Director, at SAM commented, “The challenge with such a major event like the Olympics is that you have events taking place all over the city, sometimes simultaneously. Instead of carving out pieces here and there to focus on, the Kahuna allows Globosat to have a full IP migration strategy in place to manage the entire project both in-house and from its remote broadcasters. We know just how versatile the Globosat team is and expect we’ll see a flawless production come August.”