LMG adds the new SAM Kula production switcher and more Kahuna switchers to its operation

SAM announces that LMG, a U.S. provider of video, audio, lighting and LED solutions for corporate meetings, live broadcasts and specialty events, recently purchased two enterprise-level Kahuna 9600 production switchers in 4 M/E configurations and SAM’s new Kula switcher in a 2 M/E configuration. This sale builds upon the company’s existing relationship with LMG, a long-time SAM customer, and now an early adopter of SAM’s new Kula compact switcher.

The new Kula range of multi-format production switchers combines SD, HD and 4K capabilities and delivers a powerful feature set with a market-leading price point. Built on the heritage of SAM’s award-winning Kahuna switcher, Kula leverages the company’s innovative FormatFusion3 technology to seamlessly mix any format, up to and including 4K. This eliminates the need for external conversion equipment.

Capable of handling 4K/1080p/HD and SD in 1M/E and 2M/E versions, Kula can manage multiple formats making it both future-proof and adaptable for today’s production environment. The 2M/E HD/SD version can be switched to 1M/E 4K mode, allowing users to benefit from higher production values.

Sean Borowski, Director of Video Services at LMG commented: “LMG has confidently deployed Kahuna large-format production switchers in our largest and most mission-critical events for many years, and we are excited to continue that tradition utilizing Kahuna 9600 in our flagship production systems. Innovative FormatFusion multi format conversion and flexible signal workflows are key advantages for the technically diverse range of high-profile events that LMG supports. We look forward to the new Kula production switcher invigorating our compact system packages.”

Robert Szabó-Rowe, EVP and General Manager, Live Production and Infrastructure at SAM, commented, “We designed the Kula to be versatile, affordable and to meet a wide range of production needs including live events (flyaway packs, OB vans) sports, houses of worship and conferences and events. It’s the perfect switcher for a company like LMG that offers a variety of services to its client base.”