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FSR Rolls Out New Infrastructure Mounting Solutions at InfoComm 2016

Woodland Park, NJ — Adding to an unprecedented number of new product introductions at this year’s InfoComm 2016 show, FSR will be expanding its Infrastructure Mounting Solutions line of products by rolling out a number of new installation accessories for AV and ICT professionals working within the education, hospitality, government, corporate and religious markets. The company’s new CB-SR12/SR22 Drywall Mounting Frames (the “FRAME”), a mount for FSR’s popular ceiling boxes in a drywall ceiling, are making their tradeshow debut, along with FSR’s MUD-2G square-corner mud ring and FL-500P-SF8-C Series round cover bracket kits, all of which will be on display at the company’s Booth C7730.

“FSR looks forward each year to the InfoComm show and the opportunity to introduce our newest solutions to the pro A/V market,” said company president Jan Sandri. “This year, we are excited to roll out an extraordinary amount of new products, including our Manufacturer Mounting Solutions featuring several new FRAMES. For instance, we are showing our CB-SR12/SR22 Drywall Mounting Frames for the first time at any trade show at this year’s InfoComm and offering attendees a look at some of its real-world applications. Plus, we’re continuously extending our mounting solutions lines, this year with our new MUD-2G and FL-500P-SF8-C Series bracket kits. All products will be demonstrated at our booth during the show.”

NEW:CB-SR12/SR22 Drywall Mounting Frames.

On display offering attendees real-life applications is FSR’s new CB-SR12/SR22 Drywall Mounting Frames,intended for industry professionals looking to mount the company’s popular ceiling boxes in a drywall ceiling. The CB-SR12 and CB-SR22 drywall mounting frames are expressly designed to easily mount FSR's 2'x2' (CB-22) and 1'x2' (CB-12) Ceiling Enclosures. FSR’s Ceiling Enclosures are plenum and safety rated for use in many applications.

The FRAME can be installed in the ceiling opening using threaded rod, stranded wire cable or screws through specific holes in the sides of the unit. The ceiling box can then be hung vertically, via the included cables, while the equipment is mounted and wired allowing convenient access to the components and cables. The ceiling box is lifted into the frame and locked into place, and its interior can be accessed in the same way for future re-cabling and service. Ceiling boxes and frames are ordered separately to accommodate individual needs.


A formed extra wide 4” mud ring with square corners for mounting large active electronic devices, the MUD-2G was designed to make the installation of the FSR Flex touch screen control panel and HDBaseT wall plate transmitters easier. The mud ring will fit both formed and stamped 4” square electrical boxes manufactured by the leading electrical part suppliers. Available in 1/2" and 5/8" models, both feature a unique open frame design that increases the usable area over the standard stamped 2-gang cover. This ring gives a true rectangular opening of 3.88” wide by 2.88” high. In addition, there are no round corners to interfere with the device that would result in last minute delays. The MUD-2G Mud Rings are the perfect installation accessories when using all AV interfaces, control devices and input plates.

NEW:FL-500P-SF8-C Series.

The FL-500P-SF8-C Series are bracket kits that are designed so that a SmartFit SF-8 cover can be affixed to FSR’s standard FL-500P, FL-540P, FL-600P, FL-640P floor boxes. SmartFit SF-8 covers are available in Aluminum, Black and Brass finishes providing a solution where clients may want round covers to match their décor but also still want the bracket mounting solutions available in FSR’s floor boxes for pour in place and raised access floor applications.

About FSR

FSR, established in 1981, manufactures a wide variety of signal management and infrastructure solutions for the AV/IT, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), corporate, education, hospitality, government, and religious markets, including floor, wall, table, and ceiling connectivity boxes and wireways, as well as a full line of interfaces, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, seamless scaling switchers and HDBaseT signal delivery solutions.

 FSR is an HDBaseT Alliance Adopter Member as well as an Energy Star Partner and complies with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to demonstrate its deep commitment to preserving the planet. FSR offers live 24/7 technical and sales support throughout the country from expertly trained technicians and sales representatives. For more information: .

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