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Pixel Power delivers true cloud broadcast playout and workflows at Broadcast Asia 2016

“The industry is now reaching the tipping point where broadcast engineers understand the huge cost saving and operational benefits of moving to IP connectivity and software-defined systems,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “We can demonstrate real, operational solutions that can be implemented today.”

As evidence of this, at the recent NAB exhibition in Las Vegas, Pixel Power ran a complete channel in the AWS cloud using StreamMaster software, Gallium automation allied to the already well-established Pixel Power Clarity graphics. The result was the complete replication of a premium channel playout chain, emulating hardware and software control panels, but with all processing in the cloud. Presentations at Broadcast Asia will feature this unique cloud solution.

“Broadcasters, content owners and distribution companies in the Asian market are very alert to the new realities of our industry, where each has to compete to retain loyal viewers and the advertising dollars they bring,” Gilbert said. “This is an opportunity for broadcasters to leapfrog traditional solutions and in turn making their business as efficient as possible without compromising quality; this is why Pixel Power’s proven solutions are seen to be so important.”

StreamMaster is part of Pixel Power’s new software-centric product portfolio, meaning it can run today on dedicated hardware, or as a virtual machine in a data centre, or in the cloud. With its optional SDI input and output functionality that means it can deliver uncompromised playout with live graphics in today’s world and make a seamless transition not only to IP infrastructures but from on-premise to cloud architectures.

Also being demonstrated at Broadcast Asia will be Clarity™ and Pixel Factory™. 

The Clarity™ platform has been an unrivalled leader in broadcast graphics for its creative freedom, as well as for its technical quality. Clarity is the solid graphics engine that underpins several other innovative solutions from Pixel Power and recognises that real-world broadcasters need to balance creative freedom with operational efficiencies, automating repetitive tasks and freeing the creative experts for tasks that really need their skills.

Pixel Factory™ draws on the Clarity 3D graphics engine. Its automation layer allows it to generate large numbers of sophisticated clips, such as promos, trailers and marketing content. It uses templates, information entered by the commissioning producer, and direct access to the asset management system. Pixel Factory automatically generates all versions of a clip – “coming soon”, “tomorrow”, “later” and “next” for example, as well as multiple resolutions for broadcast and online services – thereby completely eliminating much unproductive manual work.