RTW Showcasing Entire Range Of Loudness Solutions at NAB 2016

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 12, 2016RTW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, will be displaying its full range of monitoring and metering software and hardware devices at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas (Booth C2336). Among the company’s line of products will be its recently-released Continuous Loudness Control Software (CLC) for audio processing.

RTW presents the Continuous Loudness Control software (CLC) developed in cooperation with the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT). This signal processing software allows users to constantly control and regulate to a given program-loudness value, along with a definable loudness range with minimal obstacles. The major advantage of the complex adaptive morphing algorithm is its realtime capability. The CLC algorithm “learns” during processing about the dynamic structure and intention of the sound signal and adopts its processing constantly to predict for what comes next. Of course the software is also able to handle most common DAW software, audio and files and meets EBU-R128 and all major global loudness standard specifications. 

“As loudness regulations continue to evolve, we are happy to update our products to meet the ever-changing needs of our rapidly growing customer base,” says Andreas Tweitmann, CEO of RTW. “Our partnership with IRT allows us to extend our reach into a broader market and has enhanced our audio meters and monitoring devices. We are pleased to continue our partnership with IRT, allowing our customers to efficiently conform to the set loudness standards in today’s audio industry.” 

RTW is also pleased to announce that the new software version 4.0 is released for its Loudness Tools and Mastering Tools software. The new version adds support for Mac OS X® 10.11 “El Capitan” and provides user requested features like a selectable 12th octave RTA, cinema loudness (TASA and SAWA), and free scalable instrument size. In addition, the new version allows the Loudness Tools and Mastering Tools software to be operated as a stand-alone version.

RTW will also present the new software version 1.5 which is now released for TM3-Primus and USB Connect. With this version RTW adds support for Mac OS X® 10.11 “El Capitan” and supports the recently released standard changes in the EBU Loudness Recommendation (EBU R 128). Users can now select to read the Smax and Mmax values. Momentary or a max. Short-term loudness measurement is a parameter to characterize and control the loudness of commercials, promos, etc.. RTW offers both functions as a freely selectable feature. Users may turn on or off one or both measurements, as it is best practice for their daily work.

Responding to user request the additional control features for USB Connect are now available as i.e. “Time and Ref +/-) as well as an automatic channel allocation when signals are fed to the TM3-Primus via USB from DAW´s.

Other products to be showcased at this year’s NAB will be RTW’s TouchMonitor instruments and its SurroundControl series. The TouchMonitor audio meters are a desired choice among professional audio engineers who work in various industries including broadcast, radio, production and post production. The meters were created to help adhere to all major industry loudness standards. The SurroundControl 31900 and 31960 series products are designed for controlling, analyzing and monitoring stereo, surround sound and multi-channel programs. The SurroundControl 31900 offers a full range of audio and signal analyzing tools, while the 31960 incorporates these tools specifically for television and video studio applications.

About RTW

RTW, based in Cologne (Germany), has 50 years of experience designing, producing and marketing advanced recording-studio equipment, leading and innovating the market for high quality audio metering and monitoring tools. RTW operates a worldwide distribution and service network. For more information on RTW, visit www.rtw.com, www.facebook.com/rtw.de or call +49 221 709130.