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DVEO® Announces Eight New Products at Streaming Media West 2015

San Diego, California -- DVEO®, a strong supplier to Telco TV, cable TV, and OTT operators around the world, will demonstrate a wide range of unique video streaming products at Streaming Media West 2015 in Huntington Beach, California, November 17-18, in booth 101.

"DVEO® has built an international reputation for delivering cost effective solutions for Telcos, IP video operators, digital broadcasters, and the cable industry," commented Laszlo Zoltan, Vice President of DVEO. "We provide a complete lineup of Telco oriented streaming solutions including encoders, transcoders, and decoders, plus a family of streaming video and VOD servers for IPTV/OTT oriented solutions. With our wide product line, our customers get everything they need from one company."

DVEO® products at Streaming Media West will include:

  1. Telco Version High Availability Encoders and Transcoders – MultiStreamer™ DIG/IP: TELCO, Brutus™ VI IP/IP: TELCO, and more
  2. Targeted Multistream Dynamic Ad Insertion and Delivery Platform -- AD SPOTTER™
  3. Turnkey Live Media Server for Affordably Streaming Live Events -- Atlas Streaming Server™ I
  4. Dual Channel 1080p H.265 HEVC Streaming Encoder with HLS Support -- Gearbox265™ 2Ch HD-SDI/IP
  5. 4K Live and VOD Media Distribution Server -- Atlas Media Server™ II: TELCO
  6. UDP Packet Loss Eliminator for Public or Private Internet – DOZERbox™ IP/IP
  7. 60 Stream IP TS Analyzer with 24/7 Monitoring -- Q Check IP™: Head End

1. Telco Version High Availability Encoders and Transcoders -- MultiStreamer DIG/IP: TELCO, Brutus VI IP/IP: TELCO, and more
The DVEO Brutus product portfolio features Linux® based TELCO quality encoders and transcoders to deliver outstanding video quality and performance. The now upgraded high availability MultiStreamer II DIG/IP: TELCO is a real time live streaming encoder with redundant input and output ports, stream archiving, logo insertion, and dual power supplies. With the optional Atlas™ add-on, it supports 1,000 RTMP, DASH, and/or HLS users natively.

The Brutus VI IP/IP: TELCO is an adaptive optimized transcoder. It is ideal for simple transcoding or grooming at headends for OTT, mobile, and Telco TV multiscreen services. Typical real time transcodes benchmarks include 160 SD streams, or 60 each 720p60 streams, or 40 each 1080p/i streams. Other systems in the Brutus transcoder family serve anywhere from 8 to 128 SD streams out.

2. Targeted Multistream Dynamic Ad Insertion and Delivery Platform -- AD SPOTTER
DVEO®'s new multi-criteria advertising platform uses content and viewer information to make decisions about the actual ads played out to all viewers. It combines content type, consumer profile, and geolocation data by "mining" multiple data bases in real time.

In addition to providing the ads, the AD SPOTTER can trigger "ad starts" via almost any mechanism. It supports analog cue tones or SCTE 35 triggers to insert commercial spots into Live or Stored transport streams -- plus IP messaging, scheduled, or manual triggering. Moreover, the AD SPOTTER can add advertisements that are inside, over, or around the video content via slices, overlays, crawl messages, alert bugs, and video "squeezes".

3. Turnkey Live Media Server for Affordably Streaming Live Events -- Atlas Streaming Server I
The Atlas Streaming Server I brings a convenient "turnkey" solution to corporations, universities, faith-based communities, video bloggers, and others who want to transmit a video event in real time to a dispersed streaming oriented community. It is an affordable ($1,995) "ready to go" appliance that streams live events to up to 1,000 simultaneous users from any H.264 encoder or IP camera.

The system sends live adaptive bitrate video feeds to any device that supports HLS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth or HDS/Flash. This includes all Apple®, Android®, and Chrome® based devices. The Atlas Streaming Server I is also available with DVEO®'s patent-pending DOZER™ automated UDP packet recovery protocol. It comes with some factory support.

4. Dual Channel 1080p H.265 HEVC Streaming Encoder with HLS Support -- Gearbox265 2Ch HD-SDI/IP
HEVC is the next generation codec. It is ideal for future oriented live or multiscreen content distribution. The Gearbox265 2Ch HD-SDI/IP features real time encoding of content from two cameras or video servers equipped with SDI, HDMI, or HD-SDI outputs. It outputs two HD or 20 SD H.265 transport streams with any resolution including 1080p, 720p, 576i, or 480i. Many decoders come with H.265 support that will enable 4K content distribution.

H.265 reduces the bandwidth required by up to 50% compared to H.264, but delivers the same or better quality of video. The Gearbox265 2Ch HD-SDI/IP is designed for streaming HEVC compressed video to CDNs, servers, ISPs, and end users who need HLS or UDP transport streams.

5. 4K Live and VOD Media Distribution Server -- Atlas Media Server II: TELCO
DVEO®'s powerful turnkey second generation live and VOD media distribution server, the Atlas Server II: TELCO, now includes support for 4K streaming.

Designed to serve up to 8,000 simultaneous HLS users, the multichannel system ingests H.264 live streams over IP, then "grooms" the streams by adding wrappers such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, or RTMP, plus subtitles for closed captions or multiple languages. It outputs the live streams at multiple bit rates and simultaneously stores the streams as VOD files. The system also sends videos to iPads, iPhones, and Android based devices.

The Atlas Media Server II: TELCO is ideal for small to mid size deployments by Telcos, IPTV/OTT operators, schools, cruise ships, stadiums and hotels who rely on both live and resident content to stream video to a wide audience.

6. Packet Loss Eliminator for Public or Private Internet -- DOZERbox IP/IP
DVEO®'s award-winning "DOZER" technology features an end-to-end error correcting protocol that delivers time critical video reliably over UDP, whether unicast or multicast. It uses patent-pending Automated Packet Recovery algorithms to alleviate video freezes, jitter, and noise.

The DOZERbox IP/IP is a compact (4.6 inches wide) multifunction end-to-end router for reliable and timely delivery of MPEG-2 or H.264 transport streams. It "bulldozes" real time video through slow and congested IP routers to improve video distribution over public internet or so-so private lines. The technology is also available as a software license -- the DOZER APR: LIC™, or in a one RU system -- the DOZER Racks™ IP/IP.

7. 4 to 60 Stream IP TS Analyzer with 24/7 Monitoring -- Q Check IP: Head End
An advanced solution for live continuous remote video monitoring and analysis, the Q Check IP: Head End verifies the quality of digital video and audio services delivered over IP networks. It combines multi-window MPEG-2/H.264 transport stream monitoring, comprehensive ETR 290 analysis, error logging and alarms, and TS recording. The system detects and logs errors such as video freezes, black screens, loss of video, audio, or subtitles. It supports audio alarms, SNMP, email alerts, etc. Ideal for head ends or teleports, the system is very scalable for 10, 20, 30, or 50+ services or network-wide monitoring.

The Q Check IP: Head End is offered as a system or software license. A DVB-ASI version is also available – the Q Check ASI™.

Supplemental Information for Press Release

Suggested Retail Prices:

Ad SPOTTER Targeted Ad Inserter: $19,995 to $39,995 U.S., depending on number of channels, number of different types of Ads and number of HLS streams to be served.
Atlas Media Server II: TELCO: $6,495
Atlas Streaming Server I: $1,995 U.S.
Brutus VI IP/IP TELCO: $36,995 U.S.
DOZER APR: LIC: $100 to $200 U.S. each
DOZER Racks IP/IP: $2,995 U.S. each, typically sold in pairs
DOZERbox IP/IP: $1,795 U.S. each, typically sold in pairs
Gearbox265 2Ch HD-SDI/IP: $25,995 U.S.
MultiStreamer DIG/IP: TELCO: $5,995 U.S.
MultiStreamer DIG/IP: TELCO+DOZER: $7,500 U.S.
Q Check ASI -- 20 channels: $11,995 U.S.
Q Check IP: Head End -- 20 channels: $9,995 U.S.

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