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AV Stumpfl in Control at IAAPA 2015

Austrian engineering company, AV Stumpfl returns to IAAPA 2015 to launch a new family of business-changing innovations based on the next-generation Wings Avio Manager 2.0 control network architecture software. The company will also showcase solutions for uncompressed media serving, control and projection screens.

AV Stumpfl Avio Manager is recognized as the most reliable show control solution available today. It maps all systems infrastructure virtually using intuitive graphical design and configuration over unlimited duration, across any distance and under various conditions,” says Tobias Stumpfl, CEO at AV Stumpfl.

Avio Manager 2.0 control network architecture software

Visualization, configuration and management of systems infrastructure has never been easier thanks to the completely new Avio Manager 2.0. The system removes the need for time-consuming programming by intuitively recognizing any systems device for set up, maintenance, visualization and support. Inputs and outputs of the AV system are graphically wired by simply dragging lines between ports.

Avio Manager 2.0 revolutionizes management and communication between numerous devices from different manufacturers all speaking different protocols,” says Tobias Stumpfl, CEO. The system provides a single communication and abstraction layer that manages the entire control network. The system connects to and manages any device including projectors, scaler/switchers and display devices.

Integration with motion tracking devices such as Microsoft Corp. Kinect, facial recognition and touch user interfaces is enabled. Social media is easily integrated into visitor attraction projects. Built-in drag and drop support of KNX building management systems is supported as is calendar scheduling and show logging for ease of use and reporting.

Saving what is perhaps the best til last, Avio Manager 2.0 can be downloaded from the AV Stumpfl website for free. Avio-based audiovisual systems can be extended by the open source programming language Lua.

Next generation Avio Master

Set to impress integrators, operators and exhibition designers alike, the new Avio Master is AV Stumpfl’s next generation powerful show controller that incorporates Avio Manager 2.0 to combine timeline, scripting and audio within a single hardware device. “It acts as a ‘mini’ media and control server with powerful functionality,” says Tobias Stumpfl, CEO.

The system is designed for environments requiring extensive solid-state show and media control, management, interactivity and can include media playback, ideal for themed attractions, museums, boardrooms and other audiovisual applications.

Benefits include:

  • A choice or combination of timeline and cue-based show control with unlimited layers of show control tracks.
  • Intuitive interfacing to DMX, Art-Net, MIDI, RS232, UDP, TCP and more.
  • Custom device driver library to interface AV gear with bidirectional communication.
  • Multiple webservers to host multiple Wings Touch designed HTML5 user interfaces such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Built in interfaces for social media updates such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS.
  • High volume database recorder with record and playback for any system values.
  • Interactive technology interfaces such as Microsoft® Kinect, radar scanners, leap motion, Myo gesture recognition and more.
  • Multi-channel synchronized audio playback.
  • Hosting of open source Lua scripting with built in IDE including real-time debugging.
  • Turnkey compatible with AV Stumpfl’s interface and communication modules, media servers and media players.
  • Calendar-based visual scheduling.

FHD Player Avio for video playback with built-in media and show control

AV Stumpfl’s solid-state FHD Player is now available with built-in Avio Manger 2.0 software for media control, user interface hosting with built in webserver, Lua scripting and all the advanced features in AV Stumpfl’s IObox, Wings Engine and Avio Master series devices.

The palm-sized handheld FHD Player Avio is ideal for discreet standalone control of displays or projections with user interaction. It is even possible to synchronize multiple players such as to create a soft-edge blend and multi-display panoramic setups,” says Tobias Stumpfl, CEO.

In-built ‘Wings Touch’ remote control and visualization enables presenters or operators using a smart phone or tablet to control video and hardware such as projectors.

The new FHD Player Avio is a ‘one box suits all needs’ solution for themed attractions, museums, interactive set ups as well as corporate AV installations.

Wings Engine Raw

For media-based installations requiring high-resolution content such as cinematic presentation, theatres, live events, or even planetariums, Wings Engine Raw offers simultaneous three streams of 4K uncompressed media serving.

Next generation IObox solid-state show controllers

Alongside Avio-based products, AV Stumpfl will showcase their solid-state entry-level IObox media server and show controller. Designed for simpler systems, the IObox can be used either as a standalone controller or as part of larger integrated solution.

A new firmware set to debut at IAAPA enables the IObox to be used as a compact but complete control solution for attractions, museums and other AV installations. Firmware innovations include: hosting of user interfaces created with AV Stumpfl’s Wings Touch software with built in webserver; interface to third party devices with built in driver library; hosting of open source Lua scripts with integrated script development and debugging interface; built in support to load and interface KNX configurations; and, modular system design for full scalability.

These striking innovations will be shown alongside some of AV Stumpfl’s more popular video projection screens that come in any shape or size. All products are backed up by AV Stumpfl’s worldwide partner network offering unrivalled technical support for projects.

The amusement park, themed entertainment and visitor attractions market is becoming increasingly important to AV Stumpfl. Our new family of Avio products to be launched at IAAPA addresses the need to provide control over even more complex, technically challenging and even more enthralling rides and visitor experiences,” concludes Tobias Stumpfl, CEO.