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UHD BNC Cable Assembly with True 75 ohm 4K/8K Performance from Laird Digital Cinema

Mount Marion, N.Y. ,October 21, 2015—Laird Digital Cinema, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of advanced audio and digital video production technology, introduces their new BNC cable assemblies with true 75ohm 4K/8K performance.TheLaird4K/8K UHD cable assembly with Neutrik rearTWIST UHD BNC connectors and quality Belden cable is built for extended bandwidth for 4K and8K video applications. Neutrik rearTWIST UHD BNC connectors feature low return loss values for high resolution transmission signals. The rear twist technology simplifies insertion and removal of recessed BNC panel connectors and allows for easy patch bay interface. No special BNC removal tool is required. Laird offers these cables in standard and custom lengths which are made in the USA.

“Laird is on the forefront of AV technology and understands the requirements for extended bandwidth for the growing 4K/8K UHD market,” said Dan Coscarella, product manager at Laird."We responded to customer demands for true 75 ohm 4K and 8K cables as standard product for faster deliveries.”

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About Laird Digital Cinema
Laird Digital Cinema is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of advanced audio and digital video production, management and presentation technology designed for media professionals in the UHD television broadcast environment. Our technology is used by content creators, broadcasters, specialty channels and television service providers. The Laird name is widely recognized as one of the top 10 broadcast manufacturers in the industry for quality, integrity and longevity.